(Video) Better Luck Next Time: Wanna-Be Robber Gets Sprayed With Bug Spray By Store Owner

This potential robber ran up into a store with hopes of robbing it, until the store owner whipped out a big ol’ can of bug spray. Needless to say, the robber ran out of that store ASAP. Click below to peep the wild footage caught on camera.

(*Graphic**Photos/Video*) Bus Driver Fired After Commuter Catches Him Doing THIS!!!

For 21 and 1/2 years, George Simpson Jr. has been driving NJ Transit buses, however, there is no seniority when it’s comes to who gets to jerk around on the job… literally! On June 24th, while pulling into the toll plaza at the Lincoln Tunnel, Simpson pulled out at the same time –much to the dismay of a Manhattan librarian that caught it all on tape.

Auto:(Video) Hilarious Video Of Woman Trying To Parallel Park, She Better Never Move To NYC

I feel bad for this woman, but the people recording the video got me dying laughing, even though they barely speak english. As the video starts, the woman has already been trying to park in a spot for 15 minutes, it then takes her another 15 minutes to finally make it happen. In the mean time we all get to enjoy some laughs about it. She would kill herself if she lived in NY. Check it out after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Crazy Video..Grand Theft Auto Comes To Life

Even though this video is crazy, it is pretty cool at the same time. This happened in Brazil and it definitely has the feeling of Grand Theft Auto coming to life. Someone even took the time to edit the video with hilarious sound effects from the game. The way dude was driving trying to get away from the cops by running over anyone and anything in his path makes you think of that cop you beat up in the game, right before you car jacked him and the music changed, lol. Watch yourself after the jump. I am not sure if the guy even survived with all the bullet holes in his car.

Auto:(Video) This Cop Needs To Lose His Badge For This Nonsense

This video is a damn shame. It actually bothers me when I do stories like this because it further shows why the public has no trust in Police. More importantly is casts a negative shadow over Police officers who respect their job and value the oath that comes with it. By the end of this clip, you still are not even sure if this man is a Cop because he never produces I.D. Two men are hanging out in a parking lot outside of a liquor store minding their own business. Well before the “officer” even appears on camera, you hear the men talking about they are waiting for their friend to show up and then go in the store. Suddenly they are approached by a man asking to see what one of them is drinking. For the record he is drinking an Arizona Iced Tea. He never identifies himself while asking questions, the man with the icea tea has to actually ask multiple times who the man is before he said Police, but again, never shows proof he is. When the man with the drink refuses to give the cop his drink he then switches his reason for being there because the men are trespassing. Really?? trespassing in the parking lot of a liquor store that you mention multiple times you are about to go in. No crime was ever committed and it’s ashame how it went down. I actually commend the dudes involved for not reacting in a different manor. Did…

Auto:(Video) This Is What Happens When Gas Cost Too Much!!

Gas prices are too damn high. Even though right now they are slowly dropping, we know that won’t last. Most gas stations have realized they must require people pay first before they pump gas, or they will have people stealing all the time. But this station in the video seems to have not gotten that memo. Worst part is when a employee walks over near the car, the driver panics and pulls off while his girl is still outside pumping. He pulls off so fast the gas pump rips off and sends her flying into the air. Was a tank of gas really worth all that? He stops and waits for her to run in the car, but I bet he won’t be getting any from her tonight. Watch the video after the jump.

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