Auto:(Video) She Buggin! Woman Tries To Run Over Multiple People After Fight

When it comes to a street fight there are no rules. You better be prepared for ANYTHING to happen at any point. This woman decided the best weapon she had was her own car after what looks like other females trying to attack her. She definitely lost her mind and started trying to take anyone who was in her way out. She even circles and comes back to try it again. Lucky for her she is able to get away right before Police show up, but I am sure after the fact she had some legal problems. Check out the fight after the jump.

Auto:(Video) LMAO! Watch This Dude FAIL Trying To Be Cool

LOL!! First off I am only laughing because I confirmed the guy is ok. Everyone wants to be a speed racer and try and drift their car. The problem is alot of cars can NOT drift because of front wheel drive, which this dudes car definitely had. Not too mention the car is a certified piece of sh*t anyway. This guy had no chance from the start. Check out the video after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Trust Me, You Will Want To See How This Traffic Stop Ends

This is the BEST video I have ever seen when it comes to police pulling someone over. There is one problem though. Nobody seems to know if this video was fake and was just a funny skit, or if the dude who gets pulled over is actually just crazy. There are a couple things the driver does to the cop that I just can’t accept as being real without the officer arresting him right on the spot, or even shooting him ( you will see why I said shooting him in the video ). Not too mention if it was real I am sure this traffic stop would of made national news, and until today I never heard of this. The one good thing though is you will be laughing the entire time at how this driver looks and acts. You can’t hear the conversation between the driver and officer too well so you really gotta pay attention to the subtitles. Either way you are going to see a crazy traffic stop, or get a good laugh. Check it after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Graphic! Woman Accidently Drives Off Top Floor Of Parking Garage

Prayers go out to this woman’s family. She accidently drove her car off the top floor of a parking garage which was the 4th floor level. Police believed she confused the gas and brake and then lost control before she could recover. The car literally plunged from the top level down onto the street and missed crushing a parking garage attendant by literally only a few feet. The car landed on it’s roof and had an impact so hard the car completely flipped back over to the correct position before rolling down the street. The video really had me in shock. Unfortunately the woman died at the scene. Watch the video after the jump.

Auto:(Video) WTH?? What Is This Old Man Doing In The Parking Lot??

Straight up everything about this video is hilarious. First off, I need to know why this older man thought the best place to practice his nunchucks skills was in the parking lot of a grocery store right next to his truck. Secondly, the person who is filming him from a distance will have you dying from laughter with the way he is narrating the video. It is kind of a Kevin Hart rip off, but still very funny. Lastly, the way the old man gives up after hurting his finger will keep the laughs going. Check out the video after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Cop Punches Man In The Face For Literally No Reason!!

I am already a little riled up from my last story about the NYPD killing a dirt bike rider. Now I come across this. A man on a motorcycle was pulled over for running a red light. Ok, no big deal, give the man a ticket and send him on his way, or if he doesn’t have a license arrest him and take him in. Vancouver police are investigating one of their own officers after the video was uploaded to Facebook a few days ago. The entire event is captured on video by someone passing by. You can see the man is getting put in handcuffs (not sure why) but it is clear he is not resisting, when all a sudden, the plain clothes officer just punches him dead in the face! The officer is trying to say the man was resisting, but how can you even begin to believe that is you saw the video. Even if the man was resisting earlier before the camera comes on wouldn’t matter, because when he gets punched he is being very calm and cooperative. Hopefully this officer is disciplined. The police motto is to serve and protect, not pull over and punch! Watch the video after the jump.

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