Tech Talk TV: Vizio Previews NEW Design In Rosebowl Ad!!!

Vizio got ahead of CES(seems to be a trend nowadays), with a Rosebowl commercial, and it Shows a redesigned HDTV, and you can see the ad, after the Jump, for yourself! +TatWZA

Tech Talk Device: ASUS Making A Pre-CES Splash!!!

A 10″ Next Gen Netbook(yeah they still make those) with the newest Intel chip, and a 7″ Memopad(Tablet) with a dual-core, It’s Clean!! Hit the Jump. +TatWZA

Tech Talk Device: LG Has An 82inch Ultra Definition 3D TV!!!!

I’ve never actually heard of the term ‘Ultra Definition’ but it definitely sounds like a step Up from High Definition, and at 82 inches with 3D, it does sound pretty Ultra! Hit the Jump For more Specs. +TatWZA

Tech Talk Device: Archos $199 Honeycomb Tablet

The 70b from Archos will be the 1st Honeyvomb Tablet for under $200(a $1 under), hit theJump. +TatWZA

DJ: “Soul” by Ludacris headphone series is ready to ship out in May

Signeo’s Soul by Ludacris headphone series was introduced a few months ago at CES. Is the price right?  Well Signeo released the price on the styles that are set to drop in and shipped in May. In this competitive world, they are priced less that Dr. Dre and co. For the press release and more info after the jump… The states are first to see the whole gang and for the rest, info is not provided. @DJJUANYTO and for everything Tech Talk hit up @Tatwza

Take Your TV For A Dip!!!!!

Ciil Technologies has a full range of weatherproof LCD TVs, fully-sealed 1080p HDTVs made up of sets from 32- to 55-inches. If you have to ask how much it cost, then you don’t really want to know. @TatWza

Hands-On With MyFord Mobile At CES

Hands-on with MyFord Mobile is a smartphone app that keeps track of all the information an electric vehicle owner would want. Why does Ford need an app for an EV? Find out after the jump. @funkmasterflex

Lady Gaga’s Sunglasses Take Polaroid Shots!!!????

As we all know Lady Gaga is crazy on the fashion scene with unforgettable outfits and outlandish style; like her meat dress, hair bow, and sunglasses that light cigarettes. She’s taking it to the next level with her own line in which she teams up with Polaroid. Gaga’s “Grey Label” collabo with Polaroid hit Vegas at CES. I’m sure all Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters” will be lined up to get a pair of these. Hit the jump to find out more about these Polaroid Sunglasses and what they can do. @Ash_Bankz @tatwza

Cornball Bird Cats Looking Like They Are Launching A Cereal At CES!


Arc Audio Video Game At CES!! “Kind of tough!!”-Funk Flex


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