(Photos) WOW!! Charlie Sheen & His Stunt Double Do WHAT.. For A Little Girl With Cancer?!

Can’t really knock Charlie Sheen cause he was already dope before but this def takes the cake! Just not too long ago, he donated a hefty amount to his buddy, Lindsay Lohan. Now, another person in dire need of help, gets another nice donation from Sheen.. too sweet. #FKCNCR & Charlie Sheen, we’re thankful for you! Find out exactly how he found out about the little girl and what he gave in the gallery! Also, if you’ve never seen Sheen’s stunt double, he’s in the flick above with Sheen. In addition to this great story, Sheen’s stunt double doesn’t even make anything close to what Sheen makes, but his donation was still a huge one! Guess there’s still some great people in the world.. check it out after the jump! Biz Baby

(Video) Charlie Sheen’s Ex Brooke Mueller Claims She Didn’t OD, She’s Just Tired

As if we haven’t heard this before, Charlie Sheen’s ex Brooke Mueller is saying that despite claims she was rushed to a hospital because she overdosed yesterday, that she’s fine just tired. Mueller said that she doesn’t have an issue with drugs and goes on to ramble about how there is a lock-up for so many hours after being rushed to the hospital for an overdose. She probably didn’t OD because I highly doubt she would be well enough to go home just a day after being rushed in, but she is known to have an issue with drugs. Clearly her family and assistant are considered enough about her drug use because when they found her unresponsive, they called 911 right away assuming she overdosed. Watch what she said below. Julie A.

Damn! Charlie Sheen Paid Lindsay Lohan $100,000 To Do… WHAT?!

How generous is this? Charlie Sheen heard about Lindsay Lohan’s crazy trouble with the IRS – owing about $233,904 in unpaid taxes for 2009 and 2010. If you didn’t know, Sheen and Lohan have gotten pretty close, hanging on and off set of their upcoming horror comedy parody film ‘Scary Movie 5’. Since Sheen knew about Lindsay’s financial troubles he made a pretty hefty and generous donation. Find out the details after the jump! Biz Baby

Big Name Actors Sign Onto 9/11 Conspiracy Film

Some big name actors have signed onto be part of the cast of the upcoming 9/11 conspiracy film, September Morn. The movie will be hitting theaters sometime in 2013 and will focus on some very controversial conspiracies surrounding that fateful day. Martin Sheen, Woody Harrleson, Ed Asner, and more will be part of the cast of the “truther” film that will be filmed at the same location that 12 Angry Men was filmed. Read more information below. Julie A.

Do Your Exes Hang Out??

Sounds impossible and unimaginable for someone’s exes to hang out together. I mean I can’t imagine me do this either but, Hollywood exes may be a little different. Charlie Sheen’s exes Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller put their past(Charlie) behind them and had a nice girl date out with their kids.  Would you do the same ?Hit the jump Steph B

IFWT Wishes Charlie Sheen A Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Charlie! I’m sure you’re #WINNING wherever you are! We wish you many, many more. Marisa Mendez & IFWT Team

Charlie Sheen Is Still WINNING!

Who needs Two and a Half Men? Charlie Sheen’s comedy series, Anger Management, has been renewed for 90 episodes. FX, the carrying station, announced that the show’s high ratings earned the renewal. This proves one thing, Charlie is still WINNING! Click below to read more. Funk Flex

Top Vegas Scandals Of All Time

If Prince Harry’s naked truth was not enough check out the top Vegas scandels of all time! Click more for pictures. Funk Flex

Nasty Hollywood Divorces!

Click below to see the nastiest Hollywood divorces. Funk Flex

Charlie Sheen To Donate $1 Million to U.S. Troops

Charlie Sheen is in a much better space in life than his whole “winning” stage, and now he’s ready to salute the troops. Get more details on his big donation below. Marisa Mendez

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