(PHOTO) NBA: She’s Got A Serious Donk! Adrienne Bosh Celebrates Her Birthday & Shows Off Her Curves!

Chris Bosch and pregnant wife Adrienne Williams watch the Miami Dolphins.

Adrienne Bosh celebrated her 29th birthday over the weekend in style!  She had an “Opera” party to celebrate the occasion, but it was her ass that grabbed the attention of fans.  She’s always had a donk, but fans really seemed to take note in the dress she was rocking!  Check it out…

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NBA: So This Is How Pat Riley Convinced Lebron James & Chris Bosh To Come To Miami


Pat Riley is one smooth old dude. It wasn’t easy to bring the big 3 together in Miami and most people would not of been able to put it together. Turns out Riley had a very interesting sales pitch in his meeting with Bron & Bosh back in the summer of 2010, and obviously it sealed the deal.

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Wade, Gabby, Bosh & Adrienne Party on a Yacht — But What’s That Bosh Is Smoking On?!

IFWT_yacht party  5

Ok, c’mon people — don’t get your panties in a bunch.  Dwyane Wade, Gabrille Union, Chris Bosh, Adrienne and others partied on a yacht over the weekend.  Of course, some noticed that Chris Bosh was puffing on something and got upset.  We have no idea what exactly it was, but even if it wasn’t weed — many think he shouldn’t be inhaling anything — esp. during the season.  Listen Heat fans, you have nothing to complain about — try being a Knicks fan. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Check out the pics & let us know what you think…

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NBA Free Agency: Chris Bosh Knows What Team LeBron Will Be on Next Season — And That Team Is…

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, & The Miami Heat celebrate NBA Championship at STORY Night Club

So apparently Chris Bosh knows something no ones else knows … what team LeBron will be playing with next season.  With the upcoming free agency everyone will have their eye on Melo, LeBron and others — so will LeBron stay or go to another team?!  Check out what Bosh had to say in an interview yesterday…

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Chris Bosh & Wife Hit The Strip Club For His Birthday!!

IFWT_Bosh strip club 1

That’s one nice wife!!  I know a lot of women wouldn’t be down for this!  Chris Bosh celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday and his wife Adrienne took him to a strip club,  E11even, to celebrate!  He reportedly dropped 10k.  What a great 30th.
Check out the pics…

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NBA: Happy Birthday To Chris Bosh (@chrisbosh)!

Chris Bosh

Happy 30th Birthday to Chris Bosh! Wishing him many more!!!

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(PHOTOS) NBA: LeBron, Savannah, Wade, Gabby & More Party at Chris Bosh’s Huge Birthday Party!

IFWT_Bosh party  49

He may not be wearing a mask on the court anymore, but he is rocking one off the court.  Everyone came out to celebrate Chris Bosh’s birthday party last night including Wade & Gabby, Emily B, LeBron James (rocking a black mask) and wife Savannah & more!
Check it out…

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NBA: Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat: ‘We Suck’


The Miami Heat haven’t been looking like the two-time defending champions lately and the team finally acknowledged it.  Enough was enough and tensions boiled over on Saturday night as the Heat lost 105-95 to the New Orleans Pelicans.  It was Miami’s seventh loss in its past 11 games overall, and its 12th defeat against a team with a losing record.  Chris Bosh and Lebron James didn’t hold back their disgust over the team’s performance.

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(Top 10 List) NBA: Guess Who Owns The Most Expensive Home Among NBA Players?! It’s Not Kobe or LeBron


BALLIN — in more ways than one!  Can you guess who owns the most expensive home among NBA players?!  The answer may surprise you.  Check out the top 10 list…

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NBA: Fans Talking After Lamar Odom Spotted In Miami With Wade & Bosh

USA Basketball Showcase

Stillll waiting for Lamar Odom to join an NBA team.  I wonder if that’s still going to happen?!  Well in the meantime he’s hanging out with his NBA friends.  He was in Miami over the weekend & got to catch up with Wade, Bosh & more — which of course lead to fans talking about LO possibly joining the Heat.  I doubt it, but you never know.  Report after the jump…

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