(Video) NBA: What Beef? LeBron Hugs It Out With Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh at Heat/Cavs Game

IFWT_LeBron Cavs

Leading up to the showdown (its freakin preseason) game between the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers, the media played up a supposed rift between LeBron James and his former teammates Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.  It was reported that James’ relationship with Wade was fractured but still there while he reportedly didn’t speak to Bosh at all.  Well all that was deaded when the trio actually saw each other on Saturday in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

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NBA: Lebron Says Comments From Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh & Others Are Surprising


There seems to be alot of comments coming out of South Beach from Lebron’s former teammates recently. Some of the comments are totally harmless, while others seem to be subliminal shots at Bron. Mario Chalmers alone can’t seem to shutup about Lebron this summer, while Wade & Bosh have came across as awkward with comments as well. Apparently whatever is being said is catching Bron off guard and he sounds like he doesn’t know how to feel about it.

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NBA: Subtle Shots Fired?! Chris Bosh Warns Kevin Love About Playing Alongside LeBron James & The Cavs


Sour much?! Bosh, who yesterday revealed that he hasn’t spoken to LeBron since he re-signed with the Cavs, is now offering some advice to Love. In a recent interview, the Miami Heat star revealed how frustrating it was to play alongside King James. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: Chris Bosh Reveals He Hasn’t Spoken To LeBron & Gives Cold Answer About Seeing Him Again

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, & The Miami Heat celebrate NBA Championship at STORY Night Club

While most of the world was waiting for LeBron James free agency decision, his teammate Chris Bosh was waiting as well.  Bosh made it clear that he wanted to continue playing with James on the Miami Heat and LeBron’s decision would weigh heavily on what he decided to do.  Well LeBron ditched the Heat and decided to return home to the Cleveland Cavaliers leaving Bosh high and dry (if you call an over $100 million contract high and dry) and Bosh appears to still be taking it personal.

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Well DAMN! Adrienne Bosh’s Ass is Looking Crazy at Heat Scrimmage!

Chris Bosh Distinguished Gentleman Birthday Dinner At Philippe

Let’s be clear, Adrienne Bosh has had a big ol donk for a long time (you can check out an old modeling pic in the photo gallery), but when she was spotted at a Miami Heat scrimmage the other day — fans really took notice! Some believe she’s getting ass shots and is going overboard with it & others are just loving and appreciating the view!
Check it out & let us know what you think…

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(Video) NBA: Chris Bosh Guest DJs on ‘The Ellen Show’

ifwt_bosh dj

Chris Bosh appeared on The Ellen Show today — as the guest DJ. Of course he didn’t miss the opportunity & promoted his new neckwear line “Mr. Nice Tie.”
Hey Ellen — how about getting a real DJ up there like Funk Flex??? That would be dope!
Ahhh well, check out Bosh’s appearance for now…

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(Photo) NBA: LOL! Check Out This Picture Of Matthew McConaughey Getting Photobombed By Chris Bosh


The Miami Heat star has been the subject of some hilarious memes due to his facial expressions. While McConaughey was on the red carpet at the Emmy’s, Bosh is caught in the background in a hilarious pose. Hit the jump for details.

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NBA: Chris Bosh Says He Was Shocked When Lebron Made Decision


Chris Bosh had his whole world turned upside down for a few brief moments this past Friday. While out of the country on vacation he found out Lebron decided to leave the Miami Heat, which for a moment had Bosh thinking he was heading to the Houston Rockets. Then after the shock of what happened he gathered his thoughts and decided Miami was still the place for him. Hit the jump.

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(Photo) NBA: Chris Bosh Says He’s Ready & HeatNation Will Go On


While LeBron James decided to head back home to Cleveland, Chris Bosh decided to accept the Miami Heat’s max contract offer of five-years and $118 million.  Many people think the Heat are in trouble now that LeBron is gone but Bosh took to his Twitter and Instagram account to let fans know he’s happy he stayed and that HeatNation will continue to go on.

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NBA: Chandler Parsons Leaves Rockets For Dallas Mavericks With New Contract


The Houston Rockets have a chance to be the biggest losers in this NBA free agency season. They currently have a deal on the table to Chris Bosh for 4 years/$90 million dollars, but they are just in limbo as they wait for him to make a decision. The problem is it seems that he himself is also waiting on Lebron to make up his mind before he commits somewhere. Now the Rockets may lose one of their most important players in Chandler Parsons to the Dallas Mavericks. Parsons agreed to a 3 year/$46 million dollar contract to switch teams, but the Rockets have till Sunday night to match the offer if they want to keep Parsons. Hit the jump.

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