Former Officer Is The First Charged In CIA Leak

John C. Kiriakou is the first to be charged in a CIA leak where he revealed the name of a CIA officer to a reporter.He is scheduled to do 30 years in prison because of this! That is a long time for disclosing a secret name, but it was part of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, which the violated. According to reports John said that when he revealed the name it was not intended to be public and he was only trying to help the reporter find the source. Steph B

CIA General Petraeus Will Testify Before House Intelligence Committee!!!

It has just been announced that CIA director David Petraeus will testify before the Intelligence Committee. Petraeus was forced to resign from his CIA position after his affair with his biographer went public. This testification should be very interesting… Click below for more information. Melissa Nash

FBI Agent In CIA Affair Under Heavy Investigation!!

Recently, a CIA Director resigned when the affair with his biographer went public. Now, we’re finding out that the FBI agent who exposed the scandal is being investigated. Click below for all the details. Melissa Nash

CIA Denied 3 Requests For Help During Libyan Consulate Attack

The CIA reportedly denied three requests for help from Ambassador Chris Stevens and his staff when the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi was attacked on September 11. There was a CIA annex a mile from the Consulate but the officials were told to “stand down” three times even after the building was set ablaze. Four CIA officials ignored their orders to “stand down” and helped evacuate those remaining at the Consulate building and the body of Sean Smith, who was killed in the attacks. The CIA quick reaction force couldn’t find Ambassador Chris Stevens at first, so re-entered the building at midnight but he was already dead. The CIA has issued a statement saying it was too unclear what was going on that day to safely enter the building or respond to the calls for help. To make matters worse, the fighting went on for four hours which would have given ample time for planes from Sigonella Air base to arrive on the scene. Read more below. Julie A. X TatWza

Ex-CIA Officer John Kiriakou Pleads Guilty To Leaking Classified Information

Applauded by some and despised by collegues, Former CIA Agent John Kiriakou, 48, has cut a deal to serve 2 years in prison. Kiriakou is accused of identifying a covert operative to a news reporter. Prosecutors dropped espionage and false statement charges in order to reach the deal, Kiriakou faced 45 years. Click below for more info. Funk Flex

Mexican Cartel May Have Targeted CIA

A senior U.S. official says there is strong evidence that Mexican federal police who fired on a U.S. Embassy vehicle, wounding two CIA officers, were working for organized crime on a targeted assassination attempt.  Click “more” below for full coverage! DJ Matthew Tyler

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