(Video) E-Cigarette Explodes Inside Of Employee’s Pocket In NYC

These E-Cigarettes are no joke. In a recent video, we see an e-cigarette exploding inside of the pockets of an employee in a wine shop. The shop is at Grand Central Station. In the footage we can see the co-workers scattering as the man tried to pat his pockets down.

(Video) Crazy: Doctor Smokes A Cigarette During An Exam

What would you do or say if you were getting an examination and the doctor was smoking a cigarette. Really bizarre right? A Chinese doctor was giving a patient an exam while smoking, not giving a care. Talk about health!

(Caught On Tape) Whoa!! Check Out What Happens When You Try To Rob A War Veteran!!

One would-be robber thought he had an easy one, but that dream was shattered immediately. While working the register, 54-year-old Jon Lewis Alexander, who happens to be a former prison guard and private investigator in addition to being a war veteran, was deemed a hero after he thwarted the actions of an armed man. The armed man walked into the store while smoking a cigarette when Alexander asked him to put it out. At that time, the man pulled out his gun and demanded “all the (expletive deleted) money.” The quick thinking clerk then pushed his hand (holding the gun) before pulling out his own, pointing it right into the man’s mouth threatening to “blow his (expletive deleted) head off.” Hit the jump to check out the surveillance footage.

(Video) The Realness: Rosenberg Says Cigarettes NO MORE – I Quit

Watch out now! Peter Rosenberg has decided to quit puffing on the not so magic dragon. He’s giving up cigarettes, but may just start smoking something else…Hmm, wonder what it could be. Drop down bottom, and check it out.

Auto:(Video) Dude Lights Up A Cig Soon As He Crashes

Some people are just cooler than others, lol. This guy crashes his Maxima head on into a pole, which causes the car behind him to rear end him. Literally the second he gets hit he just lights up a cigarette like f#*k it. If he knew how to drive to begin with, he could of been cool with a nice looking car instead of a bumper car. Check the video after the jump. IamJOE357

(Photo) Oprah Smoking A Cigarette & Getting Her “Sexy” Pose On!

Don’t get nervous…we didn’t lose our wholesome Oprah! The Big O will be starring in a new movie alongside Terrence Howard called The Butler, and today released an image from one of their “sexier” scenes. It’s definitely O like you’ve never seen her before! And probably never want to see like that again! LOL! Check her and Terrence out below. Marisa Mendez

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