(Photos) NBA: Mother Of Lance Stephenson’s Children Wants Her Child Support Payments Doubled!

Another athlete, another baby mama, another day with drama. Lance Stephenson signed a new deal this off season with the Clippers and will obviously be on the West coast alot. Back on the east coast in Brooklyn, the mother of his kids, Feby Torres, is demanding her child support payments get increased to $12,000/month but Lance’s lawyers are calling B.S. on her wants.

NBA: Even Though She Is A Billionaire, Shelly Sterling Still Wants Alimony From Donald Sterling

This sounds about right. Rich people thinking they deserve to be more rich for not doing much at all. Shelly & Donald Sterling have been in the media ever since his infamous racist rant that was recorded by his low life side chick. The couple are in the midst of a divorce now and even though they received $2 billion dollars from the sale of the Clippers, Shelly still wants Donald to fork over alimony payments.

(Video) NBA: Glen “Big Baby” Davis Says Clippers Definitely Would’ve Beaten The Warriors In The Playoffs

Glen “Big Baby” Davis is currently a free agent with no team. Based on these comments he may be trying to work himself back into the Clippers organization. Davis says if the Clippers had faced the Warriors in this past season’s playoffs that Golden State would have never made it to the Finals.

(Photos) NBA: Kobe Bryant To Play Overseas?

Despite if you are a fan of Kobe Bryant or not, if you are a fan of good basketball then you too will not be looking forward to the day that we see Kobe take his last shots as an NBA player. Believe it or not, that time could come sooner than later; however, the NBA may not be Kobe’s last stop playing basketball.

(Video) NBA: Blake Griffin Talks About Beef In Hip Hop, Sounds Like He Is Siding With Drake

Seems like every possible popular athlete or entertainer has sided with Drake in his “beef” with Meek Mill. It’s feeling like it’s the whole “sitting at the cool kids table” effect, where currently Drake seems like the popular jock in high school and Meek is just the nerdy quiet kid so everyone wants to pile on. It’s going to be very interesting if Meek winds up firing back with something crazy and all these people who publicly took sides wind up seeing him and want to show love.

NBA: Josh Smith Wants To Clear Up Comment About Life Being “Hard” Making $6.9 Million

When you are making $6.9 million dollars a year it is hard to convince those who might make $40,000 that you could have it rough just like them. That is the impression Josh Smith gave last week when during an interview he mentioned life would be harder taking a pay cut for next season, an amount that equates to $6.9 million between what the Pistons owe him and his salary with the Clippers. That’s after making around $100 million for his career overall. I never thought he was purposely trying to make it seem like he was going to struggle, just that he chose his words badly. Lots of people jumped on him and he wanted to clarify what he meant.

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