NBA: Darren Collison Officially Charged With Domestic Violence

Collison was arrested on Memorial Day for allegedly roughing up his wife…well, he’s officially been charged with misdemeanor domestic violence. This could lead to a year in prison.

Two Bobby Shmurda Affiliates Convicted Of Murder

Bobby Shmurda has been locked up since December 2014 for conspiracy, weapons and drug charges. Two men associated with the gang he is allegedly a member of, GS9, have now officially been convicted of murder from the NYPD arresting a huge chunk of the GS9 crew. Full details after the jump.

(Video) Convicted Felon Sings Adele Inspired Apology Song To The Judge At His Sentencing

While about to receive his sentence, convicted felon Brian Earl Taylor shows his remorse for his actions through a song. The 21-year-old started singing an apology to the judge and his loved one.

(18+ Video) Police Shoot & Kill Convicted Felon Who Allegedly Reached For His Gun

Allegedly he reached for his gun when he was on the ground, but the dashcam footage doesn’t make that visible which could only lead to speculation. Multiple shots were fired on this convicted felon. Watch at your own discretion.

(Video+Photos) 11-Year-Old Boy Convicted Of Murdering 8-Year-Old Girl; Sentenced To Spend The Remainder Of His Childhood In Jail

An 11-year-old boy in Tennessee has been convicted of first degree murder in the fatal shooting of his neighbor, 8-year-old Mckayla Dryer. The boy was upset because she would not let him play with her dog, so he went and got his father’s 12 gauge gun and shot the young girl. Mikayla’s mother says he teased her often and she even has even had to report him to the school principal in the past.

(Video+Photos) Chicago Man Convicted After Giving 14-Year-Old Niece Gun Used In Fatal Shooting Of A Former Friend

A Chicago man has been convicted of first degree murder after providing his 14-year-old niece with the gun used in the fatal shooting of Endia Martin who was also 14. While many believe just was served, while his lawyers plan to appeal for the lesser charge of second-degree murder or negligence. Learn more after the jump!

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