“Cake Boss” Family Rescued From A Boat On NY Harbor!

Scary! The owner of the famous bakery Buddy Valestro was rescued from a boat by NY firefighters today. Bobby and his family was rescued from firefighters after their boat became lost in heavy fog! One of the passengers on the boat said the “Fog rolled in like a wave, It was sunny one moment and the next you weren’t able to see what’s in front of your boat. Even an experienced boater would tell you that isn’t something you want to find yourself in.” Sheesh! Hit the jump to read the full story!

A Florida Woman Is Arrested After Doing Strip Yoga In The Street?!

Well, that must’ve been a sight to see on your way to work. A 51 year old Florida woman stripped off almost all of her her clothes and decided to start doing yoga poses in the middle of the street. Who in the world would do that? Well, someone who was high as kite for one… Find out the rest of the story after the jump!

What?! Woman Arrested After Spraying Her 7 Year Old Neighbor With Pesticide?!

Okay, I can understand sometimes kids can be pests, but really lady?! According to police, a 60 year old woman from California is currently facing child cruelty charges after she sprayed her 7 year old neighbor in the face with a poisonous pesticide. Find out the whole story after the jump!

Meth Head Is Arrested After Confusing A Car For A Spaceship!?

Oh, brother. Don’t do drugs kids. You might find yourself in a jail cell trying to warn everyone around you that we’re in the midst of an alien invasion. James Bushart, a 44 year old meth head from Arkansas, was arrested after harassing a couple inside a Plymouth Prowler, claiming they were in a spaceship. Take a look at the “spaceship” for yourself after the jump!

102 Year Old Woman Charged With Murder !

If you thought the 9 month old being charged with murder was crazy , check this out. A 102 year old woman is Massachusetts has charges pending for murdering her 100 year old roommate. To make matters worse, the poor lady has dementia. How can someone that’s not in their right mins be charged with murder ?! Check out more details on this story after the jump.

Three Canadian Men Pull The Ultimate Escape From Prison! Guess What They Used To Get Away!

How does this even happen? Three Canadian men escaped from Orsainville prison in Quebec City last night using a get away helicopter! And get this, this isn’t even the first time a helicopter was used to make a prison break in Canada. Looks like our neighbors up north know how to get it done. Find out more after the jump!

18 Year Old Shot Twice, Bagged Up and Thrown In A Canal By Her Family All For Marrying Her Neighbor?!

And the worst part about it is they’re calling it another “honor” murder. What the hell is honorable about attempting to callously murder your daughter/sister/niece? Thankfully though, 18 year old Saba Maqsood from Pakistan survived the attack and has lived to tell her nightmare. Find out more about what happened after the jump.

Oh, The Irony! Ex-Guatemala Police Chief Sentenced To Life In Prison!

Guatemala’s former police chief was sentenced in a Swiss court on Friday to life in prison for his involvement in 7 killings of inmates in a Guatemalan prison that were not legally authorized. And get this, he pulled this crap during his tenure as police chief from 2004-2007. It took til 2012 for the former police chief, Erwin Sperisen, to be arrested in Switzerland for the planning and directing of these murders. Find out more after jump.

Whaaat? 14 College Students Charged In Court After One Pledge Is Left Without A Testicle?!

Damnnn. Talk about hazing going way overboard. After one pledge lost his testicle last fall in a hazing incident and and the Gamma Phi Gamma fraternity was suspended from Wilmington College, 14 former frat brothers were charged on Thursday for the hazing incident. Find out just what cost this guy his nut and the rest of the pledges suffering after the jump. We’ll give you a hint, it includes towels, cheese, Icy Hot, and a sheep.

Are You Kidding Me? Westboro Baptist Church To Protest Maya Angelou’s Funeral?!

The Westboro Baptist Church is back with more of their disgusting nonsense. According to their Twitter page, the hate spewing joke of a church is keeping an eye out for when and where Dr. Maya Angelou’s funeral will be. Find out what the church has to say about the deceased poet after the jump.

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