NFL: Keep on Haters! Colin Kaepernick Uses Twitter As Motivation

Everyone has their own method for getting/staying motivated.  For Colin Kaepernick…it’s Twitter.  He receives a lot of criticism on there and uses it as a tool to keep pushing him to be his best.  Check out what he does…

NBA: Kobe Might Not Be Happy About This! Phil Jackson Reveals A Different Side To Kobe

If anyone knows Kobe Bryant (besides family), it’s Phil Jackson.  We’ve gotten to see more of Kobe’s personality since he’s joined Twitter & Instagram, but we don’t get to see a lot of the behind the scenes type stuff.  This really doesn’t come as a surprise to me , but the Zen Master has revealed that Kobe is “very sensitive” to criticism.  I don’t know any man that wants to be called sensitive. Check out what Phil said about Kobe and criticism….

NBA: Carmelo Anthony Responds To Tyson Chandler’s Criticism

Carmelo Anthony is handling this situation the right way.  Melo just recently found out about Tyson Chandler’s criticism of the team’s offense after their loss on Saturday and reacted to the news. Check out what he had to say about it…

NFL: Jets Rookie QB Geno Smith Responds to Criticism!

Take it easy there Rookie.  This kid has a rep for being a spoiled brat and he’s now speaking out about it. Oh, he’s gonna fit in just fine with the Jets. Lol. Check out what he had to say about his alleged diva ways…

Zoe Saldana Finally Speaks Out Against People Saying She’s “Not Black Enough” To Play Nina Simone

Many critics have been giving actress Zoe Saldana a hard time about her role in an upcoming biopic about legendary jazz/soul singer Nina Simone, as they felt the half-black/half-Latina actress looked nothing like Nina (aka, she was way too light) and some were offended that the makeup they used on her in the role can sort of be looked at as blackface. In a new interview with HipHollywood, she finally responds to the criticism. Hear what she had to say below.

NBA: Should He Stop?! LeBron James Responds To Pregame Dunk Routine Criticism!!

C’mon fam, don’t be so sensitive! OF COURSE, you’re going to hear things from fans because they want to see you in a dunk contest! If you can do it during pregame warmups, why not the dunk contest where you have a ton of time to prepare?! LeBron was caught on camera with two SICK dunks (see here & here) during the Heat pregame warmups and he is now responding to the criticism that  he has received.

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