Everyone has their own method for getting/staying motivated.  For Colin Kaepernick…it’s Twitter.  He receives a lot of criticism on there and uses it as a tool to keep pushing him to be his best.  Check out what he does…




Celebrated and made an advertising star when he led the 49ers to a Super Bowl berth in his first 10 starts in the NFL, Kaepernick is getting heat now, as San Francisco has scored a combined 10 points in losing his past two games.

Kaepernick has been taking heat especially on Twitter. Many of the tweets directed to Kaepernick that he has favorited are vulgar while some call him a one-year wonder and others yearn for the team to bring back quarterback Alex Smith, whom Kaepernick replaced.

Asked Tuesday by media members why he favorited several unfavorable and unsavory tweets, Kaepernick said, “It’s something that I do for me.”

Kaepernick, usually non-expansive in group media sessions, was no different Tuesday. He failed to offer a lot of insight for his reasons, but he was clear.

“It helps me,” he said.  Does he use the Twitter venom as motivation?  “I guess you could say that,” Kaepernick said.