Uber Passenger Claims She Was Kidnapped; Uber Claims Driver Just Went On The Wrong Route?

This might be the ultimate he said;she said, Passenger is saying the driver went all kinds or the wrong way, then went to a empty parking lot and locked the doors, which is pretty descriptive, but Uber is pretty much saying the opposite.

(18+ Photos) Actress Yvonne Strahovski From “24” Responds To Leaked Nudes; Says They’re Fake, Are They?!

I’m a little skeptical, I’ve been checking out Ms. Strahovski since “Chuck”, she’s sexy as hell, but these ‘alleged’ Leaked Nudes(from the infamous iCloud Hacker) don’t show her face, like when the pics of Kaley Cuoco, Meagan Good, Rihanna, Kim K., Jennifer Lawrence, Amber Rose…Well Amber kinda leaked her own, and these alleged Nicki’s could go either way, but these Yvonne’s, I’m just not sure!!

(Video) SERIOUSLY?! 6 Young Men Caught Breaking Into Someone’s Home

An anonymous guy was passing through the neighborhood and discovered 6 young males busting open a house door. Seems suspicious, so he decides to record it. He gets harassed by the kids a bit, but I assume he made it out safely, because he was obviously well enough to post the video.

Oh No! Man Gets Shot And Killed Backstage At Wiz Khalifah Concert?

Oh no! Reports are coming in that Wiz Khalifah’s “Under The Influence Tour” turned deadly last night, after shots rang off at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA around 11 pm. See details inside!

SMDH: Texas Governor Rick Perry Gets Indicted On Felony Charge For Abuse Of Power; Has To Turn Himself In

In people ain’t sh*t news, it looks like political figure and legislative office holder, Republican Governor Rick Perry, is in serious hot water and may be looking at some time after grand jury indicted him for what?! Get full scoop inside.

New Jersey Man Stabbed His Wife 86 Times For Being Too Messy

A jury convicted a New Jersey man of murder in the killing of his ex-wife. Her offense? A messy housekeeper apparently. Prosecutors say he used a 8 inch knife, to brutally slay her. He faces life in prison and is set for sentencing on September 12.

Texas Massacre Gunman Collapses In Court

This Friday in a Texas Courtroom Ronald Lee Haskell fainted while the judge read his six murder charges. Police held him for about twenty minutes before he fell again and had to be put in a desk chair and wheeled out of the courtroom. The 33 year old suspect is going to have to listen to the mass murder charges again, including the killing of four children on his arraignment set on August 14.

Jeremy Meeks, AKA Model Mugshot Guy’s, Manager Is Getting Death Threats From Who?!

Well, with all this attention he’s been getting in the media, it was only a matter of time until he saw some negative backlash. I mean, despite being a convicted felon the man has been being treated as if he’s God. But now, things aren’t looking too good. Jeremy Meek’s newly hired manager has been receiving threatening phone calls where she’s being told she deserves to die! It is a little crazy that Meeks is getting the shine he’s getting but I think death to his manager is going a tad bit over board. Find out who’s making these harassing calls after the jump!

(Video) Logging Into FB While Burglarizing Makes You The ‘World’s Dumbest Thief’!!

This guy is like a super genius, IF he was really looking to get locked up with an NO defense!! A 26 year old Minnesota man, Nicholas Wig, broke into a home on June 19th, and while there decided he had the run of the house, logged into his Facebook page, and forgot to log out when he left!!

17 Year Old Teen Killed And Two Others Injured During A Shooting At Bronx Party

This is really such a horrible shame. Just after reports surfaced yesterday of one teen drowning to his death in the Bronx River this week, another Bronx teen was found dead along with two others who were left injured after a shooting at a house party early Sunday. Find out the whole story after the jump!

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