Museum Workers Replaced Priceless Artwork With Fakes And Sold Originals

Museum Workers Replaced Priceless Artwork With Fakes And Sold Originals ? Stealing art from a museum is far from a simple Crime. It takes people with a lot of brains and real deep guts to even think of pulling something like that off, and even then it’s difficult not to get caught. Such was this case off a bunch of workers at the Uzbek State Art Museum, who were found guilty of replacing artwork with fake versions and selling the original art ,

(PHOTO) Ferguson Police Department Suspends Officer For Disrespecting Mike Brown Memorial

Ferguson Police Department Suspends Officer For Disrespecting Mike Brown Memorial The Ferguson Police Department Let Go of an Officer on an Unpaid suspension for making disrespectful remarks about a memorial for Michael Brown, then lying to his superiors about it. Mike Brown was an 18 year old boy, who was shot an killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson back in August and ever since there have been protests and riots bashing the whole situation for the justice of Mike Brown and his Family . A St. Louis County grand jury chose not to indict Wilson in November.

Man Taken In For Questioning After Being Connected To Beanie Sigel Shooting!

There’s a man now being questioned in connection to the Beanie Sigel shooting. Read more after the jump…

Say WHET?! Woman Stabs Her Boyfriend After He Ate Thanksgiving Dinner Early!!

A 47 year old Pennsylvania resident by the name of Jacklyn Blake stabbed her boyfriend on Thanksgiving! Read more after the jump…

(Photos) Is Lisa Bonet Sending Subliminal Messages To Bill Cosby Over Serial Rape Allegations?

Is Lisa Bonet sending subliminal messages to Bill Cosby over serial rape allegations? Hmmm, and the plot thickens. TV Dad and family man icon Billy Cosy has been at the center of a whirlwind of controversy after serial rape allegations have come back to the forefront, as well as more accusers who are coming out the wood works to point fingers at the actor and comedian. By the looks of a series of Tweets Lisa sent out, it appears it just may be so. There has been some bad blood between the two for YEARS, which may explain why Lisa Bonet declined to appear in the 10th-anniversary special, where she was snubbed for turning down the opportunity to reunite with the cast. Well after 15 accusers have come forward with similar stories claiming to have been drugged and rapped, we may now know why. See what Lisa tweeted, seemingly directed towards Cosby inside.

(Photos) WOAH! Janice Dickinson Reveals Photos Of Bill Cosby From The Alleged Rape!

As for Janice Dickinson, the super model recently revealed that she too was a victim of rape by Bill Cosby. In an interview with ET, Dickinson gave details of a night that would soon haunt her forever. She claims that in the year of 1982, Cosby invited her to Lake Tahoe, and later gave her a glass of wine and a pill that would leave her lifeless…The last thing she remembered before the rape, was Bill Cosby in a patchwork robe, getting ready to assault her. Dickinson willingly passed on the polaroids of Bill Cosby from the night in Lake Tahoe. Cosby is wearing the patchwork robe just as she described.

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