(Video) Daycare Worker Found Guilty After Starting Toddler “Fight Club”

Sarah Jordan, the Virginia woman accused of starting a toddler “fight club,” at a daycare has now been found guilty. Jordan made the children fight each other and even rough them up herself. The child abuser will be facing 41 years behind bars for this disgusting crime.

Wow….Whole Family Gets Arrested For Selling Drugs Out Of A Daycare

The family business just went under. Florida family and friend get busted for selling several drugs and contraband out of their home/daycare center. Full story after the jump.

(Video) Texas Woman Fired From Job Because Of Facebook

Facebook is a place to vent, network and share memories. But it is also a place that could cost you, your job!

(Photo) Show & Sell? Toddler Brings WHAT To Harlem Daycare?!

A three year old girl showed up to her Harlem daycare center smelling like marijuana. When teachers checked inside her little backpack, they were shocked at their findings and called the police. Responding officers found 14 bags of marijuana and freezer bags on the toddler’s possession. SMH. Really? To read more, click below.

(Photos) The Bronx Hosts A Major Drug Raid… But You’ll Never Guess Where!!!

I don’t have kids, but I would assume that when choosing the right daycare there are numerous things that would qualify one as good enough. One thing to consider: location. Is the daycare near you, your job, or not? After that, you get to know the people running the business and hope you guys hit it off. Another would be the amount of drugs stored in the facility. Well… maybe not. Regardless of the proper procedure, Fun World Childcare in the city was recently raided, and, in the raid, police found: cabinets stuffed with cash, 1,000 oxycodone pills, at least one kilo of coke, and at least 300 grams packed into a lunch bag. This daycare appeals to all! Check out the owners’ hiding spots after the jump.

(Video) Daycare Owner Beats 2 Year Old To Death

Savannah Cross’s mother moonlighted as a stripper and routinely left her at her daycare for days and even weeks. Savannah had been left at her in-home daycare center since Thanksgiving and apparently the owners had enough as Ryan Reed told police he repeatedly hit, kicked and grabbed the girl while she was staying with them. Allison Clement the other adult of the house failed to report the abuse or help the baby and both of them have been charged and detained as the baby died on the way to the hospital.The mother has not been charged with any crimes in this case. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

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