Diddy Breaks Down The Levels Of His Entrepreneurship in #WeGotaStoryToTell008

So much here if you’re trying to be a true Entrepreneur, I know Diddy at such a high position and such a staple in Hip Hop catches SO Much bull?, all types of names, I even know someone that I used to work with that calls him the ?…. But with out Puff aka Puff Daddy aka Puffy aka P. Diddy to Diddy all back to Puff Daddy back to Diddy, the branding master, Hip Hop would not be the Billion Dollar business that it has become, so Business wise he is the Entrepreneur you need to learn from!

Death Row’s Bankruptcy Filings Leave Dre, Snoop + More With Zero Of The Millions They’re Owed

Death Row Records has finally finished their bankruptcy – and the only ones who come out as the winners are the lawyers who handled the case. According to TMZ, Dr. Dre had previously filed a claim to get $8 million worth of the money he was owed, Snoop Dogg filed one for $2 million, Nate Dogg and/or his estate filed for $5 million, Tupac/Afeni Skakur’s estate filed for $900,000 and Death Row’s founder, Suge Knight, filed for a staggering $144 million. Not a single cent was handed out to any of those names but the late Afeni’s estate, who got less than 10% of what they were owed, at $75k. There may be another $57k on its way as well.

(Video) Hillary Clinton Confronted By A Former Death Row Inmate

At just 18, Ricky Jackson was convicted of murder for the killing of a money-order salesman in Cleveland. Jackson was exonerated after the prosecutors key witness, who was only 12 years old when he gave his statement to the police, recanted. Hillary Clinton is one that believes in the death penalty. Jackson challenged Clinton asking her what about the innocent people who have been wrongly convicted.

(Video) Jack Thriller Helped Secure Daz Dillinger’s Movie With 50 Cent, #StraightOuttaCompton

Jack Thriller Helped Secure Daz Dillinger’s Movie With 50 Cent, #StraightOuttaCompton Hop into the post for the details! #IFWT!

(Photos) Dr. Dre Wins Lawsuit Against New Death Row Records

The name of “The Next Episode” is #staywinning! Dr. Dre Wins Lawsuit Against New Death Row Records which if you didn’t know, was sued last year by the Hip Hop legend for years of misuse and abuse. But it wasn’t the name Dre cared about, so what exactly was the beef??? And (sidebar) his lawyer’s official statement includes a priceless song title drop!

(Video) Death Row Prisoner Released After 30 Years for Crime He Didn’t Do!

WELCOME HOME BRUH!!! One time for freedom and the fight against injustice: Death Row Prisoner Released After 30 Years for Crime He Didn’t Do!

Hollywood Shooting Incident The Cause Of “Stomach Problems” & Another Hospital Visit For Suge Knight

Boy, it’s something about those courtroom appearances that are not agreeing with Suge Knight’s injuries. The former Death Row CEO, who is currently in police custody on a hit-and-run murder charge, was scheduled to appear in court on a robbery case – involving he and Katt Williams – today, however “stomach problems” is the reason for yet another postponement. Drop down bottom for more.

(Video) Faith Evans Says Tupac Did What?

Faith Evans Says Tupac Did What? In a recent interview Faith Evans comments on an infamous situation, saying “I didn’t know what I was walking into.”

(Video) Sports: Suge Knight Sounds Like He Is Throwing Shots At Snoop For Coaching Kids??

Years later and Suge Knight is STILL talking about Snoop? Is he ever gonna get over things? Anyway, Suge was talking about how he thinks parents should stay far away from coaching their kids in sports. His comments seem personally directed at Snoop for some reason, which wouldn’t make much sense because Snoop helped coach his son Cordell to become one of the best high school wide receivers in the country. Suge hating?

So Sad! According To A Recent Study, HOW Many People Sentenced To Death Are Really Innocent?!?!

Extremely shocking news comes by way of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. They’ve just published “Rate of False Conviction of Criminal Defendants Who Are Sentenced to Death.” What’s crazy is the amount of people sentenced to death that happen to be innocent. Check the stats after the jump.

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