Study Says Denver Is The Most Sexually Active City In U.S.

A new ranking by the website QualityHealth names Denver, Colorado as the most sexually active city in the country. Check out more of the article to find out the other rankings.

(Photos) The Woman Who Allegedly Got “Assaulted” By Chris Brown Now Claims She Has Picture Proof

Last week, Chris Brown’s “One Hell Of A Nite” tour stopped in Denver, and Breezy and his tourmates French Montana and Fetty Wap hit a local strip club after the show to film a music video. When the video was done, the guys invited some of the ladies on to Chris’ bus to chill, and there was only one rule to follow: no cell phones. One girl didn’t want to follow the rules, and surveillance video from the strip club shows her exiting the bus, then having her phone tossed to her. She went on to claim that she was “forcibly removed” and that her phone was broken when it was tossed, and has since filed a police report for third degree assault. Now she is claiming she has “proof” that Chris himself assaulted her (because his bodyguards wouldn’t do that, if anyone? Come on, woman!)…and the proof is a small bruise on her elbow and a red mark on her back. Seriously? This girl is out for a payday and I hope they don’t give it to her!

(Video) Cops Gun Down Man Holding Knife To His Own Neck

Cops Gun Down Man Holding Knife To His Own Neck, hop into the post for all the details! #IFWT!

Woman Posts Ad On Craigslist To “Rent” A Family For Her Birthday!

19-year-old Natalie Carson grew up in foster homes for as long as she can remember but was never adopted. According to the Denver native, she was abused by these different families and has never had a normal family to call her own. For her birthday, she posted an ad on Craigslist with hopes to find a nice, loving family to spend her birthday with because she never had that luxury. “It’s something that I’ve never really had. Of course, I’ve had birthdays, but they haven’t been good,” she said. “Usually every birthday is really painful and hard.” By the age of 18, Natalie aged out of the system and has been completely on her own. She explains that she found support from Urban Peak, a Denver-based shelter program for youth without families, but it wasn’t the same as having an actual family to love and care about her. Natalie revealed that ever since she posted the ad up about finding a family to spend her birthday with, her e-mail has been flooded with requests to let her spend her birthday with them. What a touching story. We hope she finds the happiness and comfort she deserves.

(Photos) NFL: Former Denver Bronco, Adrian Robinson, Death Ruled As Suicide

On Saturday, Adrian Robinson–a former Denver Bronco linebacker–was pronounced dead at the age of 25. It is always unfortunate to hear of someone so young dying but even more so in this particular case because his death was ruled a suicide by asphyxia (hanging). Click more to read the full story!

FBI Agent Gets Shot In Suburbs of Denver

An FBI agent was serving an arrest warrant at a motel in the suburbs of Colorado when he was shot in the leg. The suspect then proceeded to shoot and kill himself. The officer is expected to survive.

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