Bad News For Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is currently embroiled in a legal battle with her former personal driver, after he sued her saying that he was “forced to resign” because her manager was publicly badmouthing him. J. Lo had filed a $20 million countersuit, saying he was trying to extort her and that he’d demanded $2.8 million from her or he’d put all her business out on the streets. Unfortunately, a judge in the matter has dropped her countersuit. Details below. Marisa Mendez

Cab Driver Uses Voodoo To Stop Shooting

An African cab driver has announced that he used voodoo to stop a young man from causing another unforseen massacre.  Well, he tricked the boy into thinking he could make him vanish while he called the cops.  This then triggered a lockdown at Trenton Central High School in NJ.  The driver had scooped up the young boy on Thursday morning and he pulled out a pistol and admitted that he was about to kill his classmates because they almost killed him!  The cab driver then calmed the boy down by comparing himself to him,comparing his struggles and finally telling him that he can give him some medicine to calm him down.  The gullible boy believed him and agreed,this gave the cabbie time to call authorities. He’s def a hero! Steph B

(Video) LMAO! Girl Getting Ratchet With A Taxi Cab Driver Over $2 – SMH!!

Ooh, how classy! Girl starts bugging OUT, getting riled up & cursing in a taxi cab.. over $2!! She was PISSED!! Check the rude footage after the jump! Warning: FOUL, crude, and vulgar language! Biz Baby

(Video) Bus Driver Pushes Passenger Off Of Bus

A bus driver must have really not wanted to give one of his passengers the benefit of the doubt at 4 am.  A woman was scene conversing with him on the bus and the driver just shoves her right out of the bus mid-conversation. I wonder what caused him to be so cruel to her at this time of night . Hit the jump for the altercation caught on tape. Steph B

(Photos)BMW Test Driver Died In Violent Crash During Test Drive

A 45-year-old test driver was involved in a very violent car crash while he was testing out a new BMW 3-series prototype.  He was speeding on a highway  outside of a BMW factory in Germany he tried to avoid a tuck, but collided in the rear of another one. The driver died on impact and the pics of the car are unbelievable , hit the jump Steph B

Lindsay Lohan Is Calling Driver A Liar!!

Lindsay Lohan is calling the truck driver involved in the accident a liar and a BSer!  Hit the jump for the details. Steph Bassanini

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