(Caught On Tape) Police Shoot And Kill DUI Suspect After Car Chase!!!

After leading Los Angeles Police on a car chase that ended after he totaled his Corvette, an unnamed white male –believed to be in his forties– was fatally shot in the stomach. What the video captures is the end of the chase. Just as he runs a red light, the suspect crashes into the side of a moving Nissan Maxima. Check it out after the jump.

(PHOTO) NBA: Chris Paul Has Connection With Driver of Fatal Paul Walker Car Crash

Slowly more and more details are coming out about the fatal car crash that killed Paul Walker.  Yesterday we learned who the driver of the Porsche was — Roger Rodas (a close friend and business partner – see here for more info).  Well it looks like Clippers baller Chris Paul had a connection with Rodger.  He took to Instagram to react to the sad news.  Details after the jump…

(Caught On Tape) Detroit Bus Driver Fights Crazy Passenger!!!

Man, oh man. It got all too real on a Detroit bus. One unruly passenger that was extremely upset about the bus machine not returning her ticket chose the wrong one to flex on. She decided to spit at the bus driver, but from the looks of things, that didn’t work out too well. I guess it didn’t help that many of the passengers incited the driver’s violent response. Check out her reaction after the jump.

(*Warning*Graphic*Video*) Caught On Tape: Bus Driver Killed And 22 Injured

While on a Highway in China, a bus driver missed an exit, decided to back up(While on the HWY), and a Semi smashed right into them. The Semi Driver is aslo reportedly killed in the Crash, but this footage below is inside the Bus, and it depicts exactly what happens, They were Not expecting it.

(Caught On Tape) Wow! Car Crashes Into Gas Station And Driver Does THIS!!!

In Cincinnati, OH., one man is lucky to be alive. In an almost tragic event, he managed to crash his car into a gas station. But after the car hit the station, it flipped over twice and landed on top of a bus station. Despite this, the driver was somehow unharmed. Check out what he does next after the jump.

Spain Train Driver Received 3 Signals To Slow Down Before Crash?!?

It looks like the driver of the deadly train crash that killed 79 is at fault. He was driving twice the speed limit when the train derailed, and he also received 3 warnings to slow down before crashing??

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