(Video) Dude Eats Lightbulb On Camera.. Seriously

Dude Eats Lightbulb On Camera.. Seriously. What would you do for a little online notoriety, put up embarrassing videos of your dysfunctional family during Christmas? Perhaps maybe put out a sextape, those seem to be burning up these online streets like hotcakes. What about eating a lightbulb? Yes, a lightbulb. Check out the video below after the jump.

(Photos) Huhh?? This Dude Is Living In A Mobile Dumpster Home?!?

As you can see above, this guy is living in a dumpster, but he tricked this one out. Hit the jump to see what this thing is equipped with.

(Video) LMAO: Bumblebee High Fives A Dude!!

In just two weeks of uploading it, a guy’s video of a bumblebee giving him a high five gets almost 800K views. Maybe the bumblebee is just defending himself, or the bee is the coolest bro ever and knows how to high five! lol Brandon F Check out the video of a dude getting a high five from a bumblebee below!

(Warning*18+*Video) Like Seriously WTF….Sex With An Xbox?!?!!

I Love Gaming…But this Is kinda Ridiculous, Dude Didn’t paly some bootleg game that is like a porno, this is Due REALLY Tried to Have Actual Sex with an Xbox 0_o Hit the Jump to see this Sick F***

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