NBA: Carmelo Anthony Says He Wasn’t Surprised With The Election And Points To What We Need To Do Next

Carmelo Anthony claims he wasn’t surprised at all by Donald Trump winning the presidential election but he’ll be damned if he lets that change anything about his own life. Melo shared some of his thoughts on the outcome with ESPN’s Ian Begley yesterday and rather than focus on who won the election, he wants people to focus on the next steps in their own lives.

Donald Trump Plans To Win 100% Of The Black Vote; How Sway?!

After making disgusting remarks about different ethnic groups that call the U.S. home, Trump and his camp have decided that the Black vote is most important since no minority other group will support him. In making this information public, the coordinator of the “minority outreach” sector of his organization is off to a terrible start when he didn’t hesitate to insult the Hispanic community ONCE AGAIN. Read what he had to say after the jump!

(Video) Donald Trump Attacked By Bald Eagle; Is This A Sign?!

I guess the bald eagle, which happens to be the national bird of the U.S., isn’t the only one on edge about billionaire Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy. During a photoshoot with TIME Magazine Trump was attacked as the eagle attempted to peck at any part of the candidate that he could get to.

(Video) ‘Mmmm Oh My God’ Donald Trump Says He Has Many Black Supporters!

Donald Trump, why you always lying? In a recent interview with CNBC, Donald Trump was asked about his campaign tactics and if they are aimed at soothing white American fear, The Donald counters that claim by saying he has a large black following.

(Video) Dr. Ben Carson Claims His Presidential Campaign Is Ringing In $1Mill Per Day After Harsh Remarks About Muslims

Presidential candidate and former neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson found himself under a great deal of heat after he made comments about not advocating for a muslim president. Despite all of the negative attention he has received from his comments, it seems to be working out pretty well for his presidential campaign which he claims has been ranking in about $1mill dollars per day or more since he made the comment.

(Photos) Hillary Clinton And Weed In 2016

JaaiR reported ealier this month that Hillary Clinton would be running for President in 2016. She will most likely be the primary candidate for the democratic party but there is one thing that could be in her way. WEED.

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