(Photo) Kim Kardashian Has Launched Her Own Collection Of Emojis


Kim Kardashian has already proven herself once when it come to apps with her Kim Kardashian: Hollywood App and Monday the new mother launched her very own collection of emojis. Perfectly named “Kimoji”, the app, features over 250 emojis that reflect Kim K’s most well know assets and features.

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NBA: LMAO, Paul Pierce Explains What Happened With DeAndre Jordan Using Only Emoji’s


A twitter war of emoji’s ensued this week thanks to Clippers players Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, JJ Redick & Paul Pierce going back and forth with Mavericks Chandler Parsons, as they all raced to convince DeAndre Jordan where to play. Pierce’s emoji tweets were some of the funniest because it appeared he had no clue what he was doing. Now “The Truth” explains everything that happened that night using only emoji’s and it’s freaking great!

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(Photo) NBA: Houston Rockets Fire Their Social Media Manager After He Trolled The Mavericks With Emojis


After the Houston Rockets prowess 3-point shooting sent the Dallas Mavericks home, their twitter account decided to take a shot of their own. The Houston Rockets Twitter account tweeted a Horse and Gun emoji, referencing to the Rockets putting down the depleted Mavericks. Well the tweet appears to have cost the Rockets social media manager his job. Check out the Rockets and Mavericks response to the tweet!

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(Photos) Wiz Khalifa and Chief Keef Portraits Made Out of Emojis

Emoji Art Cray

Wiz Khalifa and Chief Keef Portraits Made Out of Emojis is the latest of online apps allowing users to make emoticon masterpieces. The rappers took to Instagram once the creations surfaced and have been streaming over the social web since. People been really building their ‘skills’ with emoji art, from everything from Kim K to Dragonball Z!

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(Photos) Cam’Ron Has His Own Emojis

Cam'Ron Emoji

It’s no doubt that “Mr. Cam’Ron” has always been a social man of the streets, style, serious action and silly situations that keep us rolling. While he’s been killing it this year and a string of stories have all made headlines, the latest venture has recently been approved and Cam’Ron Has His Own Emojis now, further solidifying his pulse on pop culture and harping on inspiration from some of his greatest moments…

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(Photo) New App “Emojli” Will Let You Send ‘Coded’ Messages!

App Store

It’s really only code if you understand emoji’s, this new app will allow you to have a conversation using ONLY emoji’s, sheesh, 1st snapchat, now this!

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WTF Is Emoji Yoga?!?


Love Yoga ! Love Emoji’s read on to see what Emoji Yoga is. Apparently Emoji Yoga is a thing now or not but these pictures are funny as hell….

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(PHOTOS) Yes, This NBA Player Has Emoji Tattoos

IFWT_Mike Scott

During last night’s playoff game fans on Twitter lost it when they noticed Atlanta Hawks forward Mike Scott has “emoji” tattoos.  I think he’s had them for a little while now, but not sure for how long — either way, fans went nuts over it.  Listen people, whoooo carrresssssss — there’s  A LOT of stupid tattoos out there — this shouldn’t be huge news. Lol.  BUT I would like to know why he made that choice.  I’m sure a reporter will now ask him about it.
Check it out…

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Tech Talk News: Facebook Adds Emojis In Its Newest Update For iOS


We all know someone who uses emojis excessively(like me). Now they can use them in their Facebook app on their iPhone. Besides that, the new update also adds a share button which the Android version also gets today (basically retweeting), News Feed sorting, etc. Read more after the jump.

Tat Wza

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