NBA: LeBron James Names His 2 Role Models Growing Up, His Biggest Obstacle & More!

LeBron James covers the upcoming issue of ESPN The Magazine and in the article he opened up about the past, present & future.  He names his two role models growing up, his biggest obstacle, talks MJ & more. Check out some of it below…

16 Additional Minors To Be Charged In Steubenville Rape Case !!!

This is becoming too much now. I feel really bad for all parties involved, because not only was someone taken advantage of, but they are young and this is a situation that’s going to follow them for the rest of their lives. The two teenagers, Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays were found guilty of raping and teen, while she was past the point of inebriation. After everything was said and done – we thought – the prosecution comes back with another whammy. They are charging 16 other teens in this case for not giving any information when detectives needed it. The charges will be anywhere from failure to report a felony and/or failure to report child abuse. Sad. Drop down bottom for more on the story.

If Your Girl Only Knew …

If you are a man in a relationship and cheating , you do NOT want your girl to know right?Yes, SUPER obvious(hear me out). She is either going to do everything Aaliyah said in her track or worse.  In my opinion worse, nowadays a scorned woman isn’t unplugging her phone and ignoring you.  She’ll probably make it her job to thoroughly research you and destroy your life post-break up.  Okay besides the fear this may instill in you there is a legit reason why you should not cheat, it actually causes heart attacks! Hit the jump Steph B

NFL: GM A.J. Smith Calls the Chargers Losers, Says it Kills Him to Keep Failing in the Playoffs

The San Diego Chargers are losers.  These are the words of A.J. Smith, the team’s longtime general manager who doubles as his own worst critic.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

NBA: No Title This Season a Failure For Miami? Wade Says Yes, Lebron Says No

With another postseason battle together just on the horizon, teammates LeBron James and Dwyane Wade don’t quite see eye-to-eye when it comes to what coming up short of the ultimate prize would mean.  Read more after the jump. @Shay_Marie x @gametimegirl

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