(Video) Man Gets Arrested For Unwanted Toe-Sucking And Foot Massaging At An Ohio Mall!

Joseph Jones, of Toledo, Ohio, recently appeared in court after being accused of taking off a woman’s shoe and sucking her toes without permission. He faced menacing and sexual imposition charges. While in court he told the judge, he’s being targeted after earlier pleading not guilty to sexual imposition.

(Video) NBA: Kevin Durant Is Getting Back To His Old Self!

The last time we saw Kevin Durant play was on February 19th against the Dallas Mavericks. So much has happened in the league since this past Winter that it is easy to see why many people have fallen asleep on the beast that is KD. He’s had to deal with disrespect from media analysts and fans of the league alike but it looks like KD is making a full recovery and will coming back swinging in his season opener!

NBA: Trouble In OKC? Kevin Durant Has Another Surgery On His Foot, Will Miss More Time

Kevin Durant is going to miss at least a week of game action, and then will be re-evaluated at that point to see how to move forward. This announcement was made after he had to have minor surgery on the same foot he had surgery on in the off season, which caused him to miss a huge chunk of games this year.

CTFU! Fans Make Fun Of Juelz Santana For Smoking From Kimbella’s Foot On The Gram!!

Juelz Santana and his sexy lady Kimbella been together for years and have beautiful children together, so sometimes you just need to add a little spice. More after the jump…

NBA: Kevin Durant Confirms Kobe’s Injury Advice Helped Him!

After one of his toughest injuries yet, Kevin Durant received advice from NBA star Kobe Bryant. Bryant reached out to Durant following his surgery, leaving Durant saying “I learned a lot just from that conversation. It was big for me.” Hit the jump for more details on this story of great sportsmanship!

(Photos) NBA: Kevin Durant Lets Us See He Is Doing Just Fine After Surgery

If not for the big cast on his foot, you wouldn’t even know Kevin Durant just had surgery. Everyone affiliated with the Oklahoma City Thunder, as well as doctors all seem to keep downplaying the seriousness of Durant’s fracture in his foot. The injury was caught early enough for it not to be a big deal long term and Durant seems comfortable with that theory. There are many times when star athletes get injured and kinda disappear from the scene and come off as depressed and sulking, but not KD. Judging by the pics he posted he is feeling good and doing just fine. He even got some new artwork done in is home courtesy of Delano Brown (@YeahLano). Hit the jump for the pics.

Dumb Ass News Of The Day: Porn Star Let “Playboy Of Instagram” Throw Her Off Roof!

Y’all really be doing the most on IG! Is a broken foot worth a couple hundred likes!? Apprantley it was for a porn star in California. A 19 year old porn actress let the “Playboy of Instagram” throw her off his Hollywood Hills roof into a pool. Safe to say she went no where near the pool and ultimately broke her foot..AND THEN went into the pool. Watch this sh!t after the jump!

(*Warning*Graphic*Video*) OUCH: Pedestrian In NYC Loses Foot From Reckless Taxi Driver

Make sure to have a plastic bag in front of you while watching this video because it will probably make you lose your lunch. A pedestrian in Midtown Manhattan was walking when an out-of-control taxi driver caused an accident that resulted in the woman losing her foot. OUCCCCCCCCH. Hit the jump to peep the graphic video.

(Photos) Fisherman Finds WHAT While Fishing?!?!

On old shows and and cartoons, when a newcomer to the fishing game would try it out, they’d often catch an old boot or shoe. More recently, one man found an old shoe. The difference is, this found shoe had a severed foot inside of it. Imagine the surprise of that, upset after finding just a shoe while fishing, then noticing a foot in it. Hit the jump for more info.

(Photos) Yuck! Woman Finds THIS In Her Chicken Breast!!!

In a package of chicken breast similar to the one above, a woman noticed something very out of the ordinary. At a branch of Safeways food store in Phoenix, Arizona, the woman notice the foot of a chicken in one of the packages. Disgusting… unless you’re into that. She wasted no time blasting the store. Check it out after the jump.

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