(Video) Sports: Jalen Rose Explains How NBA Players Keep Their Wives Away From Their Side Chicks at Games

I don’t condone this in any way, shape or form – but we all know what it is. So rookies take note! Jalen Rose explains how players kept their wives away from their jumpoffs aka thirst buckets at games. There is an answer to every problem. lol. Check it out…

Top Free Apps This Week On Google Play

With the new Facebook Home which was recently release, the Facebook app is number one this week. Facebook Messenger came in at number five and Nextflix at number 10.

Samsung’s Eye Technology Coming To The iPhone

So Samsung now has its ground breaking eye tracking technology coming to the Galaxy S IV. Apple does’nt want to be left out of the mix, so the word is Apple is looking to drop the same tech on the up coming iPhones. Now the eye tracking technology will be able to unlock the smartphone and pause music depending on the users eye gestures. A startup is looking to bring the same technology to the eye and possibly other Android devices in the future, which in Tablets. “We made a very important decision that the technology is so diverse that we cannot just allow it to be confined,” uMoove cofounder Moti Krispil told the Times. The company plans to release an SDK for developers in the next few months.

Dead or Alive 5 + Fighter Trailer

Dead or Alive will have some new features for the PS Vita with new Crossplay, touchscreen controls, and first-person fighting (Think old school virtual fighter). Dead or alive 5 dropping for the PS Vita Soon.

Disney Announces Temple Run: Oz the Great and Powerful Game, Releases Trailer

First the makers of Temple partnered with Disney  and released the successful spin off of Temple, called Temple Run Brave. Now the makers are looking to recreate the same success with Temple Run: Oz. Both companies announced the release of the new game by dropping the trailer earlier today. Once released the game will not be free but it will only cost .99 cents in iTunes. Check out the trailer after the break.  

God of War: Ascension Trial of the Gods Trailer

With God of War: Ascension dropping next week, we get one more trailer showing off the games multiplayer mode.

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