(Video) Horrifically Disgusting: 4 Men Rape 9 Year Old Girl While Mother Smokes Meth In The Garage

And this is what the people of our world have come to. Unreal….and unfortunately a nightmarish reality for this innocent little girl. Hit the jump for this horrible story.

AraabMuzik Shot In Harlem Parking Garage/Underwent Surgery

Hip-hop producer AraabMuzik was shot twice last night alongside his friend, in a Harlem parking garage. This is the second time Araab has faced a life and death altercation in the past few years. Hit the jump for the full story.

Kanye Set Up By The Kardashians?!?

Kanye West is now notorious for not liking impromptu photo shoots by the paparazzi. Probably just as much as the Kardashians live for it. Recently, while we were able to see Kim K.’s post baby body, others also took note of Kanye West smiling in public. The reason: he was completely unaware that there were cameras in the vicinity of his family. The photos were secretly snapped in the parking garage of North West’s pediatrician’s office. Check out his reaction after the jump.

Unknowingly Sitting On Thousands….Literally!!!

A Colorado couple found out they had a unique antique worth a nice chunk of change. A year after they bought it from a garage sale, they realized that the piece they purchased was worth thousands!!

Man Gets Stuck In Store Garage After Robbing It

Manuel Fernandes attempted to rob a Rent-A-Center store and was stuck in a garage door for nine hours! The man was trying to shimmy underneath the garage door that was being held up by a bedpost that gave out on him. The man, who is homeless, is lucky to be alive. Read more below. Julie1205

Super Yacht With On Board Garage, Matching Limousine, & Armani Furniture Costs How Much?!

Is this over the top or what?! The extraordinary yacht is the brainchild of Gray Design, which specialises in both superboats and supercars – or sometimes, like this yacht, ingenious combinations of both. The happy owner also gets furniture designed by Armani, as well as a swimming pool and golfing green. View more photos of the yacht and find out how much it costs after the jump.

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