(Photo) George Zimmerman At It Yet Again: Compares Obama To Oregon Shooter

After skyrocketing to infamy for his killing of a 17-year-old child, George Zimmerman has taken to Twitter to compare President Obama to Thursday’s Oregon community college campus shooter, who killed nine people before being fatally shot by law enforcement. Hit the jump to see the tweet.

George Zimmerman Shows No Shame As He RTs The Lifeless Body Of Trayvon Martin

The asinine actions of an acquitted murder continues to loom in the air; three years later. George Zimmerman no longer needs to use his the mask of a neighborhood watchman because his eyes is all over social media. Tagging Zimmerman, known on Twitter as @TherealGeorgeZ, an admirer, @SeriousSlav, of the merciless killer tweets “Z-Man is a one man army.” In addition to fire, Serious adds fuel by attaching the photo of a lifeless Martin. Of course, Zimmerman RTs the photo. Find out more down bottom.

“Muslim-Free” Gun Shop Owner & George Zimmerman Link Up For Confederate Flag Art

All throughout his trial, in the death of Trayvon Martin, former neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman claimed that his actions against the teen had nothing to do with race. However, his recent step in life shows that he is a look at race first and shoot second type of guy. Zimmerman links up with Andy Hallinan, a Florida gun shop owner who has deemed his establishment a “Muslim-free zone,” to sell Confederate flag art. Now, it’s no secret that the Confederate flag has been banned in many areas, following the Charleston church shooting – that hasn’t stopped Zimmerman. Find out more down bottom.

Ha. So George Zimmerman Is Now Broke, Homeless & Suffers From PTSD!

My how the tables have turned. I usually do not like to laugh at another individual’s misfortune, however, this guy just seems deserving. … LOL … On the Spanish-speaking news program Aqui y Ahora (English translated: Here and Now), and his latest string of interviews, George Zimmerman admits that he’s in a whole heap of trouble. He claims to not only be homeless, but also suffering from post traumatic stress disorder [PTSD]. Find out more down bottom.

Man Accused Of Shooting At George Zimmerman Charged With Attempted Murder

Last May, a man named Matthew Apperson was arrested for allegedly shooting at George Zimmerman. Even though his aim was completely off, it landed him in some deep hot water. More deets after the jump..

George Zimmerman Speaks With Police Following ‘Self-Defense’ Incident; Plans On Leaving Florida

Monday, news broke that George Zimmerman was shot at in Lake Mary, Fla., and the bullet had just missed him by inches. The shooter, Matthew Apperson had claimed that it was all out of self-defense. At the time, Zimmerman had refused to speak with police without his attorney, but he has since got the chance to give his statement. More after the jump.

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