Chipotle CEO’s Make More Money Per Year Than Nike, Apple, McDonald’s, & Goldman Sachs Combined

What? The CEO’s of Chipotle are beyond killing it, raking in multi million dollars of cash all from burritos.

Cash Out! Former Goldman Sachs Janitor Sues For How Much???

This story crazy, This former Goldman Sachs employee is suing his former employer for 10 million dollars because they threw him out of the building the day Storm Sandy hit even though he spent days and nights setting up preparation for the storm. This man had to walk all the way home in the storm and he did not live close. The janitor was fired after the storm for stealing $100 but the former employee denies the accusation. check out the rest of the story.

Book Claiming Office Abuse At Goldman Sachs Hits Shelves Next Week

In a tell-all book due to hit stores October 22nd, Greg Smith a former employee of the banking and securities firm, accuses employers of regular humiliation and abuse. Smith also claims personnel would refer to their clients as ‘muppets’ and abuse their positions of power to get all the money possible out of their ‘cash cows’. Funk Flex

SMH: Goldman Sachs Tied To Under-Age Sex Trafficking Site

Really Goldman Sachs? A recent inquiry unearthed Goldman Sachs 16% stake in, a Craigslist-like site that has come under heavy scrutiny for its blatant ads for prostitutes. While the banking giant claims to have since sold its stake and denied any knowledge of  prostitution, we can only sit here and ask why. The company has come under fire recently after executive Greg Smith shed light on Goldman’s practices. Way to go Goldman, flawless display of common sense. Hit the jump for the full story. steveisDOPE

Goldman Sachs Loses $2 Billion After Exec’s ‘I Quit’ Letter

Goldman Sachs lost more than $2 billion after “low drama” exec Greg Smith thrust himself into the global spotlight Wednesday with a very public resignation letter that scathingly denounced his employer. Click below to read the rest of the story. @WiLMajor

Tech Talk Rumor: Facebook Plans To Go Public???

Better get on this IPO because the price is bound to only go up. Facebook which does not need any introduction might make their company public and enter the stock exchange. More details on the rumor after the jump. WZA on Google+ X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

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