Tech: Researchers Find URL Shorteners Create Holes In Cloud Security

Two web security researchers recently published a study exposing the privacy problems related to using URL shorteners. Microsoft and Google already offer URL shortening services in many of their cloud services. The image above shows Google addresses found through short URLs associated with a single user in Austin, Texas.

(Video) Dope!! Google Has Accomplished Time Travel With Street View!!!

You can’t necessarily put yourself back in time, but Street View now let’s you see what was going on some months back, like a building in the process of being built.

(Video) Dad Finds Out His Son Was Dead Body On Google Maps

He’s actually asking Google to take down the mapped image to be taken down as it’s disrespectful to his family.

(Photos) Did Google Maps Find A Dead Body?!

In a sense yes, they didn’t find it before the cops, but by the looks of it, Gmaps found it just after they did.

Google Maps Finally Adds THIS!!!!

For the past few months Google has been testing out the new Google Maps with users, allowing them to try out the beta or opting out. Well, one of the company’s major completes were that the new version did not support multi-destinations.

Google Finally Adding WHAT Service To Google Maps??

Earlier this year, Google made a news after buying social mapping app Waze for a reported $1.3 billion. Waze provides users with real time traffic and road hazard updates. The app packages these features in a friendly interface that relies on points and badges to add a social element to the mapping experience – think Foursquare for being on the road. Google is just now integrating the suite of features it acquired with its purchase of Waze into its mapping services.

Google Is Rolling Out Ads On WHAT Mobile Service??

If you’re anything like me, you use Google services for just about everything – email, mapping, cloud storage, searching the web and basically every other online activity. Now that smartphones are just about everywhere, people access these services while out and about, too. Mapping on a mobile device comes in very handy when lost or just looking for a place to eat. Never failing to capitalize on an opportunity to show ads to its users, Google unveiled a new kind of ads to be shown on mobile mapping apps. Read more for details on where you’ll be seeing these ads.

Google Maps Launches 2.0 For iOS…You Want To See THIS!!!

Google Maps has launched a new version of the Google Maps app for iOs device including a dedicated tablet design. This new Google Maps 2.0 offers navigation, turn by turn navigation, biking directions, as well as public transportation info. The indoor maps is equipped with walking directions in certain locations such as malls, transit stations, and airports. That’s not even all of it hit the jump to see what else this new version has to offer …

Android Users…Getting Around Got THAT Much Easier !!

Google has updates its Maps for Android including a new design for the app as well as adding several new features. Hit the jump for pics and more info ..

Dude Where’s My Car…There’s An Android App For That!!!

If you’ve ever had trouble finding your car parked at a stadium or somewhere downtown, Valet is here to help you. Upon opening the app, you can drop a pin on where your car is, so that you can find it later. Grab the app in the link after the jump.

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