(Video) Cool Grandpa: Snopp Dogg Bonds With His Grandson By Singing A Song To Him

Snoop Dogg has a soft side and I have to admit that it’s so cute. Snoop was on camera singing and bonding with his grandson. Check out the video of Snoop after the jump.

Grandma’s Accidentally Tagging Themselves As WHAT On Facebook?!

Apparently Grandmas and Grandpas around the world get a dose of Hip Hop every time someone tries to tag them on Facebook as “grandma” or “grandpa” The auto-correction tool which is supposed to help you complete your thoughts types in “Grandmaster Flash” once “grandm” is written. Check out the gallery to see the examples of the hilarious phenomenon. Hit the jump to see what the Hip Hop veteran had to say about it as well.

(Video) Why Grandpa’s May Be the Worst Wingmen!

A grandson in need, took to his grandfather for some hope when it came to getting down with the ladies; the end result is priceless! The grandfather may just have more luck picking up women, than his very ownCheck out the hilarious clip below!

You’ll Never Believe What A Blind 97 Year Old Does With Microsoft Paint

Hal Lasko, a 97-year-old man with failing eyesight, uses technology about as old as he is. Lasko is a former typographer and now makes paintings using Microsoft Paint for Windows 95. Compared to the doodles I’ve seen from Microsoft Paint, Lasko is basically Picasso. Check the gallery to see his creations.

(Video) Kung Fu Grandpa Goes To Work In The Parking Lot!!!

Lol This might just be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. Grandpa tries out some new Kung Fu moves in a Supermarket parking lot. He thought no one was watching but he got caught! Check it out after the jump!

(Video) Man Gets Smacked By Car For Not Looking Both Ways While Crossing Street

Everyone knows when you crossing a two ay street you look left, right then left again then right(depending in what country you’re in). This man obviously didn’t follow those simpe rules and got smacked by a car. Click below to see the video Posted by –>@WilMAjor

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