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Whoa! Georgia Teacher Fired After Students Post Her Naked Selfies Online!!


34-year-old Georgia middle school teacher, Lekeshia Jones has filed a wrongful termination suit against her former employees. Jones was the victim of a phone hack by a group of her very own 14-year-old students. That phone hack led to several naked pictures that were once stored in it to be posted online. According to NY Daily News, the group of students secretly accessed her phone during a business club meeting at Myers Middle School in Savannah. More info after the jump.

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Apple’s iCloud And Activation Lock, Rumored to be HACKED!


AquaXetine and MerrukTechnolog two hackers from the Netherlands and Morocco claim to have compromised the security of Apple’s iCloud system for locking iOS devices.

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EBAY Gets Hacked!! Here’s What You Should Do!!!


Following an earlier odd blog post, which has since been taken down advising users to change their passwords. Ebay released its official statement, this morning Ebay advised users to change their passwords due to a hacking problem.

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(Photos) Joseline Hernandez’ Twitter Reportedly Hacked & Pics Surface Of Bruises From Stevie J?

Joseline with makeup

The latest season of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” has already had a wild amount of drama but things just keep getting more and more complex for the cast. Joseline Hernandez was a victim of getting her Twitter account hacked (allegedly) and a ton of juicy info was posted onto her page. A series of photos were tweeted out showing Joseline with a bunch of bruises and scratches with captions that read, “Stebbie beat me but nobody understands me” and ” “Y does he bruise me up Stebbie stop.” A private DM with Momma Dee was also leaked. Check out the messiness in the gallery. Do you think Steeeebbie really beat her?

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(PHOTO) NBA Jokes: Donald Sterling Gmail Leaked After Being Banned; Emails are Hilarious

IFWT_Sterling banned

Banned for LIFE!  We all rejoiced on Tuesday when NBA Commissioner Adam Silver handed down Donald Sterling’s punishment for his ignorant racist rants.  Well now his gmail has been hacked & we get to see what people emailed him.  It’s all jokes people — not his real gmail — but it’s pretty damn funny.
Check it out…

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Alert: Just To Be Safe, Check This To See If You Were Hacked!!!


So between major retailers losing you personal info, regular hackers, and the Heartbleed bug, you could very well be in jeopardy of a strong hacking. I know you’re like ‘but how can I tell?’, well worry no longer, the ‘tell’ is here!!

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(Photos) Was Justin Bieber’s Twitter Hacked??

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s official Twitter account has been hacked with links to a viral app named ShootingStarPro. If you are one of the 50.2 million followers who follow Justin Bieber on Twitter you might of noticed you received odd messages reading, “Justin Bieber Cemberut?” coupled with a sequence of numbers. No meaning was found behind them, other than the fact that “Cemberut” is reportedly an Indonesian word meaning “sullen”.

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(Photos) Bitcoin CEO Found Dead After 1st Bitcoin Bank Is Robbed


I might be a ‘bit’ on a conspiracy theorist, but this is one odd ass ‘coin’cidence. 28 year old(American) Bitcoin CEO Autumn Radtke was found dead in Singapore, with what is being called(for now) an apparent suicide by local authorities, which is like a day after the 1st Bitcoin bank, Flexcoin, was hacked and robbed, come on man, this is crazy, some real ‘Jason Bourne conspiracy’ stuff man.

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(Photos) NBA: Was Kevin Durant’s Phone Hacked? Disrespecful Messages Sent To His Family Members!


Athletes time and time again post something to twitter and realize it was a mistake and attempt to hide behind the whole “I was hacked” act. But this time it seems like the truth. Last night Kevin Durant’s twitter account posted a pic of him smoking hookah, which was quickly deleted. Hookah is not a bad thing, therefore there would be no need to delete such a pic. Durant himself actually posted a pic of him smoking hookah a few months back, so it’s not something he is ashamed of. The more concerning thing is KD says his entire phone was hacked, not just his twitter. Disrespectful text messages were sent from his phone to family members, as well as the picture on twitter being posted without him doing it. Fellow teammate Nick Collison backed him up when deadspin ran a story on it saying he knows for a fact KD was in the middle of airport security when that pic was posted and it would of been impossible for him to do it. Hopefully his phone is good now, because I can only imagine what type of messages were sent to his family. Hit the jump to see the tweets he sent out about the matter.

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Worried About Your Credit Card Info After You Shopped At Target? Do This ASAP!

IFWT_target logo

It’s such a mess over at Target right now, as they found out this week that they’s been hacked, but not a hack for it’s online store, but a direct hack on customer info from customers that purchased items in the stores it’s self, 40 Million Customers at that!

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