Lol Q just went on a lengthy Twitter rant saying some pretty questionable things to say the least…I mean it wasn’t him but picturing him tweeting this stuff is just hilarious.

Frankie Zing

So the tweets Q fired out were ones about Drake, Kanye West’s breakdown, Andre 3000’s solo album, Donald Trump being a zionist, The J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar joint album, pizza gate (a conspiracy about the government and a pizza parlor running a pedophile ring) and more.

The final tweet saw Q make his presence felt after he claimed he was hacked and didn’t know he was until he got a phone call.

The page’s mention suggests ScHoolboy’s hacker could be the 4chan/Reddit universe, as they have been the ones having fun with the pizzagate story.

Hit the gallery above for the slew of tweets!