(Video) Philadelphia Cop Slams Man To The Ground While He Was Handcuffed

A man and a Philadelphia cop got into a heated argument. Video footage does not show what happened prior to the cop and the man arguing but the cop slammed the man to the ground while he was handcuffed. Watch the video after the jump.

(Video) Man Is Assaulted By Police While In Handcuffs

Man Is Assaulted By Police While In Handcuffs. Coward.. all I saw in that video was a cowardly man who can’t control himself and takes advantage of those who can’t defend themselves. We all know this happens all the time during interrogation but to actually see it is very disgusting.

(Video) Tyga Arrested During A Video Shoot In L.A.

Not sure why, we don’t have all the facts yet, all we know is Tyga was at or on his way to his video shoot in LA when he was pulled over. There were allegedly other people in the car when the stop happened, and Tyga is still on scene in cuffs!

(Video + Photos) Amanda Bynes Just Looks SAD In Handcuffs! [Mugshot]

I continue to laugh at this girl! I wish Amanda Bynes would just go get herself some HELP! After being photographed in a home that ain’t worth the rent she’s probably paying, the former Nickelodeon star got arrested yesterday on criminal possession of weed, as well as reckless endangerment and felony tampering with evidence charges. She literally had to be drug out her NYC apartment with the wildest looking blonde wig on, and from the mugshot photo, I can see why she was rocking it. Check out her arrest as well as the gallery for the mugshot.

MLB: Cop Busted After Trying To Sneak Into Better Seat at Mets Game

Sabrina B. You’re out. An off-duty cop was dragged out of a New York Mets game in handcuffs Wednesday night after he tried to sneak into a better seat at Citi Field, police sources said.

Customer At Sex Shop Freed From Handcuff’s By Police

A customer at a Connecticut sex shop locked himself up and needed the assistance of police to free him. Hit the jump for the full story. steveisDOPE

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