Cops On Lil Twist Beating DUI Case: “He Wasn’t THAT Stoned”

Rapper/ BFF of Justin Bieber got knocked for a DUI one year ago after he told the cops he had recently smoked some weed before getting behind the wheel. He was stopped for doing 69 in a 30 MPH zone when the police noticed a blunt in the center console of his vehicle. They then commented on Twist’s speech, claiming it was “deliberate and lethargic.” To make things worst, he failed the sobriety test and wasn’t even able to touch his nose and walk a straight line. However, the cops messed up because they waited an hour and 46 minutes to take a blood sample from the rapper. This resulted in the amount of weed in his system being low, causing the D.A. to dismiss the case. Lil Twist was issued three tickets for speeding, failing to stop at a red light and for being in possession of under 1 oz. of Marijuana. All in all, HE LUCKED OUT!

(Video) Smoking Section: Miley Cyrus Turns Her Private Jet Into Her Playland, Smokes Weed & More!

Miley Cyrus has taken to her Instagram to show that the sky is not the limit when it comes to her; as she has documented the conversion of her private jet into her own personal traveling club! Cyrus posted a few videos of herself dancing, rapping and smoking some weed, all while appearing to fly on her private jet. Watch as Cyrus takes flight.

Serious Case Of The Munchies: A Blazed Up Justin Bieber Drops HOW MUCH $$ On Mexican Fast Food?!

Well well well, it looks like Justin Bieber was quite possible smokin’ the ganja again after dropping a grand total of $240 on Mexican fast food. On his way to Coachella on Sunday, the Biebz stopped at Pinches Tacos on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, California to purchase a Mexican feast fit for a king. The hungry young artist purchased 13 steak tacos, 9 chicken tostadas, 8 chicken tacos, 3 taco plates, 1 steak burrito, 1 chicken burrito, 4 orders of chips and salsa, 10 bottles of water and 9 Mexican sodas. A $55 tip was also left on JB’s credit card after his massive munchie purchase. I don’t know about you, but just reading this gave me a serious sudden urge for some Mexican grub!

(Mug Shot) WTH?! Woman Crashes Into Church Then Stabs Husband Because He Was “Worshipping NASCAR”

What the hell is wrong with people?! A 23-year-old Tennessee woman crashed her car into a church, got her husband to come help her, then stabbed him because he “worshipped NASCAR.”  Oh it gets better — this all happened after she had conversations with God and the devil — AND she was high.  SMH.  This is crazy and why I don’t get high or watch NASCAR.  Lol.  Check it out…

(Caught On Camera) The Perfect Reason Why NOT To Do Drugs

A group of junkies were caught on camera, well, being junkies. This video should make everyone think twice before wanting to try ANY type of D-rug.. SMH! Hit the jump for the wacky vid of the day.

WHOA!! Radio Shack Has A 3D Printer…IF You Can Afford It!!!

I’m in shock in 2 parts, 1 that radio shack would even have a 3D printer, and 2 it costs a Grip!!

(Video) Miley Cyrus Speaks On Puffin’ Ganja In Amsterdam

It’s no secret that Miley Cyrus enjoys getting lifted every now and then, but her interview on Alan Carr: Chatty Man confirmed the blatantly obvious rumors. Listen to what the “We Can’t Stop” singer had to say about her, uh, eventful trip to Amsterdam.

Justin Bieber’s Drug Of Choice Revealed?!

Personally, I don’t call it a ‘drug’, as drugs are man made, I call it an herb!!! A pilot from a private jet that flew Biebs somewhere has some interesting news.

Studies Show That Smart Kids Are More Likely To Use Drugs?!?

Scientific evidence continues to pile up on the correlation between brilliance and doing drugs. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both admitted they experimented with LSD in their youth. Even Sigmund Freud and Thomas Edison were avid cocaine users. So, what is this scientific evidence behind this claim??

Kicks: @Nike x Air Jordan 1 High “Bred” – Release Date

With a retail price of $140 and the Nike Air logo on the tongue. Sneakerheads are gonna come out from everywhere. Hit the jump and find out when these drop………..

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