(VIdeo) Synthetic Weed Sends 120 To Hospital After Overdose In 5 Days

Several overdoses of K2, in Dallas and Houston have sent over 120 to the hospital in 5 days. The patients ranging from teens to 51, went into the hospital with symptoms of psychosis, altered mental status, and abnormal behavior, reported medics. Check out the full news clip, below!

(Photos) Tis The Season To Stuff Your Newborn In A Stocking?

One Hospital has fully embarked on the mission to spread holiday cheer to new parents, one stocking stuffer at a time! Hospitals in Southern California are not only decorating its halls with festive halls but its patients as well, hit the jump for more!

You Won’t Believe What A Hospital Employee Was Able To Do!!

If you’ve ever been hospitalized, you know how vulnerable you are. Not only is your health at risk – a lot of personal information, including financial and medical records, are in the hospital’s hands. Hospital employees have near total control over you during your stay, and we trust them to be responsible. The hippocratic oath that all doctors must take does say “Do no harm.” You have to see what one employee did in total violation of this.

(Video) No Way!!! Guess Who’s Racking Up Off Your Hospital Bills?!?!

“If Hotels were ran like Hospitals, You’d be charged just to lay down?” Hit the jump for more!

First Sodas…Now Mayor Bloomberg Looks To Ban Junk Food From Hospitals

Mayor Bloomberg is trying to make New York City a healthy place to live by banning big sodas. He now is looking to take over the hospitals and ban sugary and fatty foods. We all understand that Bloomberg wants us to be healthy, but people feel he is trying to turn NYC into a “nanny state.” Click below to read more. Jason J.

Dirty Bomb Threats In U.S. Hospitals

Government officials have released a report saying hospitals have been negligent in securing radioactive materials they use to treat cancer patients, which could potentially end up in the hands of terrorists whom could use them to make dirty bombs. These has been released after the 11th anniversary of 9/11. Click below to read more. Jason J.

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