(Photo + Video) Bear Who Walks On Two Legs Shot And Killed By Hunter

Back in June we heard about the bear by the name of ‘Pedals’ who walks on two legs. A New Jersey hunter is now being taunted after he allegedly killed the bear.

(Photos) Sports: Uh-Oh, Why Is This College Cheerleader Getting Death Threats?

Don’t mess with the animals! Texas Tech university cheerleader Kendall Jones is finding that out the hard way this week after photos of her hunting escapade surfaced. She is pictured with numerous dead animals including some endangered species according to reports. She seems to be very happy over the kills she made in the pics and that has people outraged. She even has began receiving death threats with one of them being from Joanna Krupa of the “Real Housewives of Miami”. The threats haven’t seemed to phase Jones though as she said ” We feel safe here in Texas”. Jones is not backing down and even seems to be mocking the people making negative comments. Hit the jump for the pics. How do you guys feel about hunting and killing of animals?

(Video) Crazy!!! College Students Have Abortion Battles?!?!?!?!

Students at Hunter College in New York City posted videos of themselves playing a controversial game that now has everyone talking. Quickly, the video is being taken from the internet. If you haven’t seen the wild footage of their “abortion battle,” watch how the game is played after the jump.

Croc’s On The Loose! The Crocodile Hunter Would Have Perfect For This!!!!

Crocodile’s On The Loose in Africa! Find Out How Many After the Jump!

(Photos*Graphic*) Supposedly “Dead” Bear Lunges At Hunter

A 22-year-old hunter was out hunting with his friend when he found himself next to a 400 lb bear.  He reacted and began to shoot the bear. To ensure his safety for the rest of the trip he followed the bear until it lay dead.  As he approached the “dead” bear it jumped right at him to attack him after being shot and fake falling to its death.  The bear latched onto the hunter’s arm before finally being killed, hit the jump. Steph B

(Photos) Stever Irwin’s Son The New Crocodile Hunter?

As they say the apple didn’t fall from from the tree. Steve Irwin’s eight-year-old son is taking up animal “hunting” just like his father, who was tragically killed by a sting ray on one of his daily escapades. His son is spotted feeding baby crocodiles and being at ease while doing so. Hit the jump Steph B

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