(Video) 2 Women Fight In Walmart Over The Last Case Of Water Before Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew has everyone going crazy. The Hurricane reportedly killed a couple hundred people in Haiti. It is suppose to make it’s way this way sometime this weekend. In a recent video, we see two women getting it in over the last case of water at Walmart. Apparently both women were trying to get the case before Hurricane Matthew.

House Approves Post-Sandy Relief Bill! Guess How Much!?

House has approved a post-Sandy relief bill to help out the states that were affected by Hurricane Sandy. Can you guess how much the bill is? Hint: it’s in the billions. Click below to find out! Melissa

(Video) Snooki In Tears As She Sees Seaside In Ruins!

Awww. Snooki recently went on a helicopter ride to check out what Seaside Heights, NJ looks like after Sandy’s devastation. While looking at the damage, Snooki bursted out in tears realizing how bad the Jersey Shore actually is. Tonight, MTV is airing a “Restore The Shore” telethon at 11pm, so make sure to watch and donate, because not only is the boardwalk gone, but many people are left homeless as well. In the meantime, hit the jump to watch the video. Melissa Nash

Old-School Hip Hop Helping Sandy Victims!

Old School Hip Hop leaders are still riding for the Tristate! Leland ,Joey and Rhondo Robinson the sons of Sugar Hill Gang will be distributing hot and free meals to victims of the storm from their Jersey restaurant on November 4th! Hit the jump for details. Steph B

(Photos) Wow, A Floating Bar Because Of Sandy!

Hurricane Sandy, the storm that left the Tri-state struggling like they never have, planted a full bar in the middle of a town. The storm ripped the bar known as “The Sugar Bowl” from its place and sent it floating into another town. The bar was astonishingly full of liquor, had chairs, and shot glasses ready for new customers. It traveled at least 7 miles  and was renamed “Sandy’s Bar” before other locals enjoyed a beer in there. I mean why not right ? Hit the jump Steph B

See How Hurricane Sandy Set Mankind Back!!!

They are saying, and I quote “The Impact On Science Will Be Terrible”, Damn You Sandy, Trying to send mankind back a bit, Confused?? No Prob, Hit the Jump!!!! Wza

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