(Video) Joey Bada$$ Puffing Away The Hydro & Smoke DZA Gets PRANKED !!!

LOL! These guys are funny. On the premiere episode of “Smokin N Jokin,” Jonny Shipes tells the father of his “god-children,” Smoke DZA that he got a tattoo of a tear drop on the side of his eye. DZA was not feeling it at all BUT…it’s not real! Also, on the premiere, these ‘cool kids’ roll up “the biggest sliff” ever. With the way Joey Bada$$ is dancing, he may have taken a puff or two to three (if you notice – he just never does it on camera). Drop down bottom and check it out.

Kicks: @Jumpman23 x Jordan Hydro V Retro “Fire Red”

For the times that you must rock heat to a beach or pool party. These New Jordan Retro V Sandal. Hit the jump to see the gallery…. IamJAYBOON

Hey Cannabis Culture, #IFWT Sparks Up For 420!!!!

This 420 We want to celebrate with you on you Holiest of Weed Days!!!! Send us your Pic of your tree’s, either Pre-rolled, Rolled Up, And/OR Smoking!!!! Either Via Twitter(@funkmasterflex), Instagram(DjFunkFlex), or Email([email protected]) Funk Flex

Tech Talk News: Grow Some Hydro And Some Get Food???

Ahhh Haaa I love Hydro!!!! Wait, That’s not the type of ‘Hydroponics’ they are talking about?? Dammit ‘-_-‘ Ok it’s still a really good type of Hydro, it’s the growing of Food, Good food, Grown Hydroponically, making it Much cheaper than the Grocery Store!! And in these times of a Money crunch, that’s a Great thing!!!! Ok Hit the Jump for the Video showing you what’s up. +TatWZA

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