Hey Cannabis Culture, #IFWT Sparks Up For 420!!!!

This 420 We want to celebrate with you on you Holiest of Weed Days!!!! Send us your Pic of your tree’s, either Pre-rolled, Rolled Up, And/OR Smoking!!!! Either Via Twitter(@funkmasterflex), Instagram(DjFunkFlex), or Email([email protected]) Funk Flex

Tech Talk News: Grow Some Hydro And Some Get Food???

Ahhh Haaa I love Hydro!!!! Wait, That’s not the type of ‘Hydroponics’ they are talking about?? Dammit ‘-_-‘ Ok it’s still a really good type of Hydro, it’s the growing of Food, Good food, Grown Hydroponically, making it Much cheaper than the Grocery Store!! And in these times of a Money crunch, that’s a Great thing!!!! Ok Hit the Jump for the Video showing you what’s up. +TatWZA

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