Tech Talk News: New Facebook Tool Helps Organ Donors ‘Share Life’ !!!

Facebook is expanding it’s services to the point that they may very well need an EMT license, or at the least, they may need to connect with the DMV, cause they want people to digitally sign up for organ donation….are they doing too much?? I don’t know, but check out how it’s going down. +TatWZA

Tech Talk App: Skype Sends Out iOS Update!!!

I just got this a little while ago, well at least I just got to it, not sure when it was sent out, but either way, it’s here, Hit the Jump. +TatWZA

Tech Talk News: Guess How Much Mobile Revenue Has Been Made So Far This Year???

It is an unbelievable amount of Money, in a short 4 months Mobile accounts for a whole lot of money, and making the World economy grow(which is Much needed), and proving how everything is going Digital!!! Also I need to let you know the US accounts for 40% of All Smartphone sales, So that Digital Revolution is Here in the US!!! +TatWZA

(Video)Tech Talk Spotlight: Todays(4/30/12) @Viddy’s Are Celebrity Packed, As They Hit 15 Million Users!!!

Once again, we are here to show you how great Viddy is, and why we should should get it back to #1 in the top 25 at the App store!! Hit the Jump to see a couple of your Fav’s on Viddy. +TatWZA

(Video)Tech Talk Robotics: Make A Phone Call With A Hugvie Pillow???

Uhhmm, I mean this is a different type of different. A pillow that can make hone calls, and if the person you’re calling has a pillow like it, then you can have the pillow hug the person you’re calling…this is either the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard, OR the best thing ever invented o_0. Hit the Jump to see it for yourself. +TatWZA

Tech Talk Gaming: Angry Birds Space Did How Many Downloads In 35 Days???

The number proves that people are really moving with Angry Birds Space. Hit the Jump to see the ‘astronomical’ Numbers. +TatWZA

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