Tech Talk News: Sales Tax Online???

Cash-strapped states seeking to collect billions in taxes from online transactions gained an ally in Washington on Friday when a senator introduced a bill for a federal solution to the problem. Struggling with weak economies, states will lose an estimated $10 billion this year and $11.4 billion next year in sales taxes that go uncollected on online purchases, according to studies by three professors at the University of Tennessee. @TatWZA @YungJohnnybravo

Tech Talk Trend: Planking Was Yesterday, Today Is Owling!!!

As I am always looking for the New thing, just like when we brought you planking back in May, and it caught on late June, We found something just as crazy, not as dumb as cone-ing, this one is a lot more like Planking, the new thing is owling, Hit the jump for an explanation, and more flicks, and if your jumping on this early, either send photo’s to [email protected], or give them to ME on twitter @TatWza!!! Tat WZA

Tech News: How Open Is The Internet

Even though the United States is a country that  lives on democracy and freedom, it has more Internet censorship than some countries in Africa and South America.  As to what is censored, research found that “blogs” were the most censored content at 20%. @Yungjohnnybravo Tat WZA

Tech: Are We losing Our Freedom On The Internet??

  With this weeks leak of Verizon’s new tiered plans, claiming the change is due to abuse of the internet usage on mobile  devices, the FCC is trying to impose network neutrality rules on Internet service providers and trying to detemine how to use the current technology. Are we free to use the internet the way we want? @yungjohnnybravo Tat WZA

Tech Talk Warning: Your Internet Usage Will Be Capped!!

Reports are coming in that starting this Monday AT&T, which has 16 Million broadband users(so that could be you) will be capping your internet usage. Up until now you have enjoyed unlimited data on the provider, but now if you go over a certain amount AT&T will be charging you per GB over, but you need to hit the Jump to see what you’ll be limited to, and what you’ll have to pay if you go over! @TatWza

(Check The Pics) Just A Little Something We Googled For You!!

Hey, I just Love Googling(Pause) and I happen to come back with smething that you just may want to see, Hit the Jump! @TatWza

White House Unveils Plans To ID You On The Internet!!

They are saying this is not a “Big Brother” move, but damn it, it sure does feel a little nervous!! Hit the Jump. @TatWza

(Check The Vid) Banned TV Commercial Is On The Internet!!!

This Commercial is Funny As Hell!!!! Although I see why it’s Banned, but I Will Repeat, this Commercial is Funny As Hell!!!!!! @TatWza

(Check The Pic) Interesting Tattoo’s On The Internet!!!

You already know I love to surf the net to find crazy and interesting things, and well now it’s Tattoo’s, hit the jump. @TatWza

Facebook Opens Up For Compute Project!

Facebook’s Open Compute Project will share knowledge of it’s custom engineered and highly efficient servers, which honestly has kept them on top for a long time now….See Details. @TatWza

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