(Photo) Former Body Guard Of Kim Jong Il Reveals Ordered Executions Over What!!

Lee Young-Guk has revealed the painfull details of how his former leader dealt with his own native people. Claiming that he had even sent one of his officials to a concentration camp for using his personal ash tray.

Tech Talk News: North Korea Considers Using Cell Phones A War Crime During 100 Day Mourning Period

Apparently, Cellphones are not overly popular in North Korea to Begin with, since only 1 Million People(5% of the Country even have Cell Phones)….Hit the Jump/ +TatWZA

Report: North Koreans Who Didn’t Cry At Kim Jong Il’s Funeral Sentenced To Six Months In Labor Camp

Remember the propoganda-esque footage of the North Korean population’s reaction to dictator Kim Jong Il’s death? Well according to a trusted report, the country is punishing citizens who didn’t cry by sentencing them to six months in a labor camp. Get the full report after the jump! Wendy L.

North Korea Says Farewell To Kim Jong Il With An Extravagant Funeral

North Korea staged a fittingly over-the-top state funeral for its leader in front of tens of thousands of wailing citizens and soldiers. Mourners lined the capital city’s wide boulevards, howling in grief and stamping their feet in a dramatic show of sorrow. Click below to read the rest of the story. @WiLMajor

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