(Video) Moron Of The Morning: Lady Pisses Off Snake As It Takes A Bite At Her

I’m gonna start like a moron of the morning segment with all the absurdness that the internet brings me each morning lol. Try this one today as this woman sees a snake in her garden and pisses it off when she goes to reach for it’s tail.

(Video) Lady Not Satisfied With Nails Goes OFF On Nail Tech

Ladies are too serious when it comes to their nails. In a recent video, we see a woman go after the nail technician because she did not like how her nails came out. When I say she went off, she went OFF.

(Video) Lady Loses It Over 40cents In McDonalds

Lady Loses It Over 40cents In McDonalds. Bruuuhhhhhhhhh… 40 cents..? That’s what you caused all that fuss about.. 40 cents??? We talking about 40 cents? (Allen Iverson Voice) This video is a perfect example of how misery loves company. Watch it after the jump!

(Video) Caught On Tape: Argument On NYC Subway Train Gets Out Of Control

This seems to be pure ignorance, I understand protecting your lady, especially if she’s pregnant, but what someone says won’t physically harm her, so there’s no need to give yourself a case for anything someone says.

WTF??? Apple Is Investigating The Death Of A Woman That Used WHAT???

Apple is helping investigators figure out why a lady died while using its product. Ma Ailun a 23 year old woman from China was electrocuted from using her iPhone 5.

How Your Phone Can Kill You!!

A lady jumped on the train tracks in order to retrieve her cell phone that dropped on the tracks. With only seconds before a train was coming head on, she was helped up. Was it really worth it? Check out the video after the jump.

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