NFL: Lawyer Claims Suicide Note Left By Lawrence Phillips Is Fake, Believes He Was Murdered In Prison

Lawrence Phillips was most likely going to spend the rest of his life behind bars after already being convicted of serious crimes and then being charged with the murder of his cell mate. He had steadily denied any involved in his cell mates death and even recently according to his lawyer and family he seemed to be in good spirits. So why would Phillips suddenly take his own life last week. Was if the fact he didn’t want to spend the rest of his years rotting away in prison? His lawyer and family were already calling b.s. on the report from the prison but now they are taking it further, saying the suicide note Phillips allegedly left behind is fake.

NFL: Lawrence Phillips Complained About Prison Staff Messing With Him Prior To Alleged Suicide

Former Nebraska star and NFL running back Lawrence Phillips was found dead in his prison cell earlier this week from an alleged suicide. I use the word alleged because the prison claims it was that but his friends and family are adamant that something else is going on because he was in good spirits, despite facing the rest of his life behind bars.

NFL: Former Star Lawrence Phillips Found Dead in His Prison Cell

Former NFL star Lawrence Phillips was found dead in his prison cell and officials are investigating his death as a suicide.

NFL: Victim in Lawrence Phillips Murder Case May Have Been Sexually Assaulted

Another shocking twist in the Lawrence Phillips murder case; officials believe the victim may have been sexually assaulted around the time he was killed.

NFL: Lawrence Phillips Charged With First-Degree Murder in the Death of His Prison Cellmate

Former NFL running back Lawrence Phillips has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of his prison cellmate.

(Photos) NFL: Former NFL Running Back Sends Chilling Messages From Prison: “This Place Is A Jungle”

Lawrence Phillips was a star running back at the University of Nebraska in the mid 90’s with a bright future ahead of him. His Life went spiraling down when he was sentenced to 31-years in prison after running his car over 3 teenagers and assaulting his ex-girlfriend — then killing one of his cellmates.

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