(Photo) Which States Just Legalized Marijuana?!

IFWT_Marijuana legalization 1

Voters in Alaska, Oregon and Washington D.C took to the polls and are now in the process of bringing more pro marijuana laws to their state. There are some restrictions, but marijuana supporters are calling this a victory.

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(Photo) New York Senator Liz Krueger To Introduce Bill To Legalize Recreational Use Of Marijuana!

Liz Krueger To Introduce Bill To Legalize Recreational Use Of Marijuana

LET THERE BE GREEN FOR EVERYONE! New York Senator Liz Krueger is taking one great leap for all the stoners out there. It was announced Sunday that Senator Liz Krueger is going to introduce a bill that is supposed to legalize recreational use of Marijuana in the State of New York.
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(Photos) What?! Cops Handing Out Doritos To Pot Smokers???

2013 Seattle Hempfest

It’s a 3-day event called Hempfest, where nearly 85,000 people a day join together in Seattle. And police are enforcing “Operation Orange Fingers??”

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Pros And Cons In Legalizing Marijuana


Marijuana, to some its a drug to others a blessing from our maker point is its illegal. Some feel the drug should be legal, some think it will bring harm to the youth if legalized. As the debate continues on weather or not it should be legal, here are some pros and cons focused on the legalization of Maryjane. Click below for more info

Funk Flex

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(Video) Tech Talk Hacking: Anonymous Launches Marijuana Legalization Campaign!!!

4/20 is almost here and Anonymous thinks everyone should “smoke weed everyday” (Nate Dogg voice). Hit the jump to check out their pro-marijuana campaign.




Shotta Dru on Google+

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