(Photos) Chris Rock Jokes About Suge Knight’s Photoshopped ‘Legally Blind’ Courtroom Picture!

Chris Rock joked about Suge Knight’s photoshopped ‘Legally Blind’ courtroom picture(That we saw Tat Wza post 1st). Find out what Chris Rock said about the photoshopped picture and check out the photos of him in the gallery below!

Suge Knight Is Legally Blind…Or Was During The Hit-And-Run Incident “I Didn’t See Them”

Really? Is that your defense? Suge Knight is legally blind ya’ll. Next thing you know, he’s going to be telling us that he’s a female too. While he set up the defense a few weeks ago, it seems as though Suge is sticking to it. Apparently, Suge is going “completely blind in one eye and 15% blind in the other,” says The Daily Mail, thanks to his diabetes. Suge’s new attorney, Matthew Fletcher, makes the statement that his client was in fear of his life. He was under the impression that the victim, Terry Carter, was ready to use a weapon to assault him – a weapon no one found. In other words, “How can he go left if he can’t see?” Fletcher asked rhetorically. In MY words, ‘how the hell can you reverse, wait a few seconds and then go forward again? How didn’t you feel the bump? Why didn’t you stop?’ This is evident on the video of Suge mauling down Carter and Cle “Bone” Sloan. Boy, bye! Drop down bottom for more.

NFL: Could This Help Chad Johnson?! Judge Who Saw Butt Slap is Legally Blind

Well isn’t this interesting?! When we reported this story yesterday, I gave my opinion that Chad Johnson didn’t deserve to go to jail for giving his lawyer a slap on the ass because he was happy (you can watch the video HERE). I know, I know – wrong place for that.  As stupid as it was, I still don’t agree with a 30 day jail sentence. People are now looking into the background of this judge and may have found something that could help Chad’s case.  She is legally blind….so did she really see the slap as she said she did?!  It may be a long shot, but hey – you never know what could help Chad get out.   Details after the jump…

(Video) Legally Blind Teen Set To Compete In Miss Florida Pageant

Connor Boss is legally blind but that hasn’t stopped her from winning several pageant titles. She’s now competing for Miss Florida. Hit the jump to watch her story. Gernique N

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