(Video) Google Might Have Created The Greatest Lightsaber Star Wars Desktop Game In History

I don’t know if it’s because I’m such a “Star Wars” geek, or a Techie that’s really digging the way this game is set up! So in the theme that is running the world, at least until Friday when the movie(aka life changing event), Google put together an on-line Lightsaber gaming experience that even a ‘non-fan'(like that exists) can enjoy!! Hit the jump for a brief description and the link to play it!!!

Tech Talk Crazy!/Shopping: Real Life Light Saber For Sale!!!

I can’t believe this is for sale, A real “Star Wars” like lazer that looks like a sith weapon is up for grabs, with the ability to burn through things, I can only imagine the rise in hospital visits for kids/people with enough $ to buy this thing! Hit the Jump to Order yours!! @TatWZA

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