(Photo) Nicki Minaj Flaunts Her New Look On The Gram

Looks like the queen of hip-hop is mixing things up a bit for the new year with a new hair style….add it to her list! Hit the jump for Nicki’s new do.

(Photos) Dej Loaf Is Pulling Off ‘Sexy Female’ WELL!

Back up off her. She is too clean! The usually tomboy-ish Dej Loaf is putting her feminine wiles on display for the world to see, and well, we like it. Check it out after the jump.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Drunk Dude Gets Punched, Kicked, Tased, And Robbed For Attacking Group Of Women

I have some great advice for you, even if drunk, never attack women, especially in a group, ESPECIALLY while drunk!!

Kicks: @Jumpman23 x “Bel Air” Air Jordan V – First Look

The first look has been long awaited. These have been sought after since Jordan Brand said that these would come into existence. Hit the jump and check out the gallery and tell us if you think JB delivered on these………

THIS Classic Snack Is Finally Making It’s Return!!

Ungh! Twinkies BACK! *Rick Ross Voice* That’s right, they’re back, but not bigger, smaller. But, regardless they have finally made they’re timely return. Shortly after former owners announced the ending of one of America’s most beloved treats, shoppers bought every box of Twinkies they saw. Some froze them for later dates and some took to eBay and Craig’s List to sell them for hundreds of dollars –even thousands. Maybe that’s why less than a year passed before they finally hit the shelves again. Hit the jump for more info.

(Photos) What Is This All Over Rihanna’s FACE ?!?!

I have yet to make one of RiRi’s shows (I’m trying to make it to the A.C. show) on the Diamond World Tour, but from what I read, and some of the photos that I’ve seen, she looks good during every song. Costume changes and of course flawless make-up. The bad gal’s make-up artist, Christopher Del Castillo spills the beans on what he incorporates into her ‘look’, which features, ‘a bold lip, subtle smoky eyes with a focus on long lashes, and stage-appropriate contouring of the cheekbones.’ One of her fave lipsticks is from her line called, RiRi Woo. “It’s no secret that Rihanna loves a red lip. She created RiRi Woo so it was only appropriate to incorporate it into the tour look,” said Castillo. I must say I do love that red on her. Great choice! Then again, with her light skin, she can pull off just about any color. For more of what to expect from the “Stay” singer drop down bottom.

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