(Video) A Make-Up Artist Turns A Little Boy Into Drake

Talk about talent! A woman puts her talents to work as she turns a little boy into Drake. This is truly crazy!

Shots Fired: Mac Make-Up Model Responds To Backlash Over Her Full Lips

There has been quite the controversy over MAC Cosmetics model, Aamito Lagum. The Uganda native recently posed for a new shoot for MAC lipstick. Her photo, which only showed her nice and full lips rocking a dope new color from the make-up line, got posted via the Mac Cosmetics Instagram page. The ignorant comments began pouring in, causing the model to respond to the negativity.

For The Ladies: Find Out EXACTLY What Make-Up Products Kim Kardashian Uses!

All of the make-up heads in the world have one thing in common: the extreme obsession with Kim Kardashian’s forever on fleek contour. Last month, the head honcho of Kim Kardashian’s glam squad Mario Dedivanovic offered a class in Los Angeles where he detailed the 50-step process which broke down each step he goes through to beat Kim K’s face to perfection. Totaling to about $1,200 in product alone, Kim’s make-up team uses over 40 separate creams, blushes, powders and gels to achieve her signature look. Let’s not forget to mention that the tools used alone costs about $1,700. Ladies (or guys, whatever) – click below to see the FULL list of products and tools used by Kim K!

Facebook Tells A Woman That Her Make-Up-Free Selfies Are A No Go For Their Site; Why?

At the age of ten-years-old, Lisa Goodman-Helfand, now 40, was diagnosed with a scleroderma, an autoimmune disease characterized by the hardening of the skin and connective tissues. The disease leaves her with red blotches all over her body; face included. The teacher and blogger wanted to share her story of the painful condition, however, Facebook was not having it; a make-up-less woman with red blotches would cause “high negative feedback.” Find out more after the jump.

(Photo) You’ll Die When You Hear How Much Cash It Takes For Mariah To Get Done UP!!

A recent lawsuit has revealed that Mariah Drops some serious cash in order to look right. She does look flawless everytime a camera is around so you know homegirl is getting her moneys worth.

(Photos) Jordin Sparks Posts Make-Up Free Selfies!

Former American Idol winner Jordin Sparks is very comfortable in her own skin. The singer posted not one but four selfies showing off her make-up free face. See for yourself in the gallery!

(Photos) Vanessa Lachey Heads Out With No Makeup & Still Manages To Look Great!

Nick and Vanessa Lachey were seen jetting out of LAX airport recently with their adorable son, Camden. Vanessa looked amazing, even without makeup! See her and her family in the gallery!

K. Michelle Extends Her Hand To Mimi Faust – Friends Again Or Nah?!

So, I’m not ashamed to say that I partake in VH1’s Monday night shenanigans – e.g., Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, and I know I’m not the only one. In case you missed these past couple of weeks, Mimi and Nikko have been on the rocks. I mean, what do expect when you find out that the man is not only married, but his ex-bestfriend/roommate (sure) tells you that he’s possibly been secretly video-tapping you alls sex sessions. Yup, that’s Mimi Faust’s life. Although Mimi’s friends have been telling her from day one that the man was a lame, she didn’t believe them. Now, one of those friends or shall we say former friends have come back – not to say I told you so (which, in this particular situation I would have done), but to say, I’m sorry for what you’re going through. K. Michelle extends her empathy and reaches out to Mimi via twitter. Hit the jump for the exchange of words from the ladies.

(Photos) Damn, Who’s That Girl?! Nicki Minaj Looks Almost Unrecognizable In These Pics!

Nicki Minaj takes it BACK to the basics and she looks… pretty damn good! The singer stripped back the make-up to reveal her natural beauty in a more pared down. Minaj came out from behind her usual layers of make-up! See her different look in the gallery below!

(Photos) WHOA! Lady Gaga Takes A Make-Up Free Selfie… She Looks WILD!

Lady Gaga tweeted this far from flattering picture from her bed, writing ‘good morning monsters!’ In this pic, she’s looking pretty crazy! See the monster’s flick below!

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