(Photos) How I’m Livin': Justin Bieber Cops Yet ANOTHER Crazy Mansion!


The Biebz is at it again and has found himself his THIRD lavish pad to rent after his home he purchased in Calabasas. He’s taken his talents back to Beverly Hills where he’s renting a new mansion for a total of $35,000 per month, which is a lot better than his last crib which he was paying $60,000 a month also to rent. This new 5 bedroom, 6 bathroom California home comes fully equipped with a gigantic pool, jacuzzi, view of the entire city and dope graffiti art.

Not sure why Justin Bieber doesn’t just just buy a home but, I’m sure he knows what he’s doing. He got that LOOONNNGGGGGGGG money. Peep the flicks of JB’s new crib over in the gallery. Must be nice, eh?

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(Photos) How I’m Livin': Justin Bieber’s Manager Scooter Braun Lists His Lavish Bachelor Pad For $11.6 Million!


Famous manager Scooter Braun has officially put his luxurious bachelor pad on the market for a whooping $11.6 million dollars. Braun is known for managing well-known talent including Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, to name a few. The 5,300 square-foot home in Hollywood Hills has four bedrooms and five bathrooms along with a pool, jacuzzi and a fire-pit and a beautiful view overlooking Los Angeles. Listing agent Darlene Hutton reveals, “He basically gutted the whole place. He put a ton of money into it. He opened up the walls, redid the kitchen and bathrooms, put in a state-of-the-art security system with cameras at every point of entry. There’s a safe room/panic room, new electrical, and plumbing.”

Check out some flicks from Braun’s poppin’ pad over in the gallery. #MOTIVATION

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(Photos) Joan Rivers’ Lavish $28 Million Dollar Manhattan Home Hits The Market!

Joan Rivers

Legendary fashionista/comedian Joan Rivers might not be with us anymore, but her spirit definitely lives on. Rivers’ Manhattan mini-mansion located right off Fifth Avenue has officially hit the market for a whooping $28 million dollars. Her property takes up the entire top three floors of a seven floor building built by millionaire John Drexel back in 1903. Rivers purchased the property back in 1988 and lived there until she passed away unexpectedly this past September due to a malfunction while undergoing a routine endoscopy.

Check out how Joan was livin’ prior to her tragic death over in the gallery. Absolutely fabulous just like herself!

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(Photos) How I’m Livin': Marc Anthony Cops A New Mansion For His Third Wife

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony may be on wife #3, but his pockets are still hefty enough to drop some serious $$ on a new pad. The legendary Salsa singer recently spent $4.125 million on a 6,590 sq. ft mansion in San Fernando Valley for his new model wife, Shannon de Lima, fully equipped with 5 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms and a huge walk-in closet in their master bedroom for all of Shannon’s girly needs. The two recently tied the knot back in November so it’s only right that they get a luxurious home to call their own. The gigantic crib is nice to us not-so-rich folk, but compared to the mansion Anthony had purchased with his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez, it makes this house look like the maid’s guest room. However unfortunately for Marc, J.Lo got the mansion in their divorce. Sucks for him! Check out some flicks of J. Lo’s crib (before Marc got the boot) in the gallery.

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(Photos) How I’m Livin: J. Lo’s California Mansion Is For Sale For $17 Million

J Lo

Jennifer Lopez has put her mansion in Hidden Hills, California up for sale, and if you have $17 million laying around, it can be yours! The 9-bedroom, 11-bathroom (plus two half-baths) crib spans over 17,129 square feet, with the south wing catering to the master suite which has its own bedroom along with a relaxation room equipped with a fireplace, a stone terrace and 2 walk-in closets.

The California mansion also features a recording studio, a movie theater, a dance studio, a pool with a jacuzzi and more. Insane! Check out pics in the gallery.

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(Video) Update: Technology Exec & 5 Others Feared Dead from “Suspicious” Mansion Fire

"Suspicious" Mansion Fire Leaves 6 Missing

Updates on the cause and conlcusion of the original story: Technology Exec & 5 Others Feared Dead from “Suspicious” Mansion Fire which has gutted a 16,000 square foot home to ashes.

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NBA: Yep, Lakers’ Nick Young Has A Separate House For His Shoes


LA Lakers’ Nick Young has converted the mansion he bought with girlfriend, Iggy Azalea, to his own personal ‘shoe house.’ The 6,600 sq. ft. mansion bought by Swaggy P was formerly owned by Selena Gomez, and now houses his 500+ collection of shoes…the LA star even has shoe-keepers!

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(Photos) How I’m Livin': Jeezy Drops $1.5M On A Mansion RIGHT Before Court


Rapper Young Jeezy knew he was innocent in the Wiz Khalifa concert shooting so to further prove his point, he dropped $1.5 million dollars on a huge mansion in Georgia just ONE MONTH before he had court to determine whether or not he’ll be facing time behind bars. The weapon charges were dropped last month in December and the crib was purchased in November. Ha, nice!

The spacious home is 9,000 sq. ft. fully equipped with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms sitting on a beautiful 1.2 acres. The inside of Jeezy’s new pad also looks very modern and up-to-date. Check out some photos of the “Seen It All” rapper’s new investment over in the gallery.

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(Photos) How I’m Livin': Bruno Mars Cops Huge Mansion For $6.5 Million

Bruno Mars

Singer Bruno Mars copped himself quite the gift for Christmas this year. The “Just The Way You Are” singer just purchased a mansion in Studio City, California for a whooping $6.5 million dollars. The mansion is fully equipped with seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms and a huge dry sauna. Mars purchased the estate from a Kazakhstan heiress who originally paid $5.7 mil for it back in 2013 but put a ton of work into it to make the market value of the house sky rocket almost one million dollars higher. Regardless of the price, it is well deserved for Bruno Mars! Check out some photos of Bruno’s new pad over in the gallery.

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(Photos) Demi Lovato Can’t Seem To Sell Her Multi-Million Dollar Mansion!

Demi Lovato answers fan questions

Former Disney Star Demi Lovato is having some serious issues selling her multi-dollar mansion and she just cannot seem to figure out why. Lovato purchased her Toluca Lake home for $1.530M back in 2011, which is right next to her ex-best friend Miley Cyrus’ home, as well. To rid herself from any unpleasant vibes and bad memories, Demi wanted to get out of the area and move into a completely sober household. She posted her home in July for $2.199M for the FOURTH time, after removing it from the market only two days after. She moved out back in 2012 and is currently living in a new home in the Los Angeles area. Check out some pictures of Ms. Lovato’s troubled home that will not sell in the gallery!

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