NCAAF: Freshman Damarea Crockett Arrested For Smoking Weed Hours After Setting Mizzou Rushing Records

Missouri running back Damarea Crockett – one of the best freshmen running backs in the country – was arrested Sunday morning just hours after a record-setting performance.

It’s LIT: Recreational Weed Smoking Will Now Be Legal In California

Despite the nightmare that is Donald Trump, there was some good out of voting yesterday, as California has officially approved Proposition 64. This means that smoking weed for recreational purposes is now legal in the Golden State. There has been some controversy around the ballot measure, however, as details include a very money-driven business plan that in the end, can hurt the consumer. However, it will certainly help prevent the mass incarceration of people for minor drug offenses.

NFL: Josh Huff Arrested for Allegedly Speeding with Marijuana & a Gun

Philadelphia Eagles receiver Josh Huff was arrested on the Walt Whitman Bridge after allegedly speeding with marijuana and a gun in his possession Tuesday morning.

Oakland Is Going To Start Giving Reparations To Their Residents Who Have Marijuana Convictions

Weed is legal in Oakland now, but it wasn’t always, and there are many residents who have charges due to the popular (and harmless) drug. Back in May, Oakland City Council began plans to help boost their legal medical cannabis industry, which is projected to grow into a $40 billion industry in the U.S. by 2020. One of the proposals was that people who have been locked up for a weed-related charge – who are currently ineligible to have a legal license to sell weed because of their felonies – would not only be eligible, but moved to the TOP of the eligibility list as well. AKA, they’d be made a priority to approve first, as reparations for their previous charges.

(Video) 600 Marijuana Plants Were Found In The Back Of A Daycare

Now this is crazy! West Haven Police are currently investigating a slew of Marijuana Plants found in the back of a daycare. Imagine how many parents think their children are in a safe zone when they really aren’t.

(Video) NBA: John Salley Says Weed Could Have Kept Him Playing Longer

Remember when we posted about Eugene Monroe a few weeks ago? Marijuana and athletes? Well, John Salley agrees and thinks it would have given him some added longevity in the NBA.

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