(Video) 600 Marijuana Plants Were Found In The Back Of A Daycare

Now this is crazy! West Haven Police are currently investigating a slew of Marijuana Plants found in the back of a daycare. Imagine how many parents think their children are in a safe zone when they really aren’t.

(Video) NBA: John Salley Says Weed Could Have Kept Him Playing Longer

Remember when we posted about Eugene Monroe a few weeks ago? Marijuana and athletes? Well, John Salley agrees and thinks it would have given him some added longevity in the NBA.

(Video) Two Women Arrested For Blowing Smoke In A Toddler’s Face

The things people put on social media now-a-days is just truly ridiculous to me. Two women have now been arrested after a video went viral of them blowing marijuana smoke in a toddler’s face.

Study Shows Marijuana Relieves Pain Better In Men Than In Woman

A recent study is now showing that Marijuana relieves pain but more so for men than woman. The study says that the two bodies react different to the drug.

NFL: Arrest Warrant Issued For Andre Rison For Probation Violation in Child Support Case

An arrest warrant was issued for former NFL player Andre Rison in his child support case.  Rison is accused of violating his probation by failing to keep up with $1,000-monthly payments and using marijuana.  He’s finally decided to speak out, saying he’s tired of being labeled a deadbeat dad when that is not the case.  He also has an excuse for testing positive for marijuana.

Congrats To Illinois As They Become The 21st To Decriminalize Marijuana!

Four years after Chicago decriminalizes weed it’s home state did excatly the same. Illinois residents who get caught with up to 10 grams or less will no longer have to face jail time, the most a person will get as a consequence is a fine up to $200.

(Photo) Montel Williams Detained For Marijuana In Germany

Montel Williams was detained in Germany after he made a mistake and left hi medical Marijuana powder in his luggage. He was held briefly while at the Frankfurt airport.

(Photo) NFL: Aldon Smith Responds to Alleged Video of Him Smoking Weed

A video went viral of what’s believed to be Aldon Smith smoking weed.  The video only shows the man’s hand but not only is it an account with previous videos of Smith, he also says his own name in the posting.

(Video) NFL: Welp, Did Aldon Smith Periscope Himself Smoking Weed?!

Aldon Smith may have pulled one of the dumbest moves in the social media era.  The Oakland Raiders linebacker allegedly put himself on blast, smoking a blunt.

A Michigan Church Lets Visitors Smoke Marijuana During Sunday Service

One church in Michigan is setting itself apart from the rest after it’s minister, Jeremy Hall, held the first ever service for the First Cannabis Church of Logic & Reason. The church allows it’s visitors to smoke marijuana inside of the church during service. Read more after the jump!

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